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I can only get the snappi to work with a bikini twist...
As far as that 3rd (crotch) snappi leg goes: snip it off. I read a thread here about that before I ever owned a snappi.Once I got one, and realized that the 3rd leg never stayed hooked anyway, I took the plunge. It has no effect on performace and is one less thing to mess with.

I'm wondering what kind of covers you are using with trifolding, AND are you folding the dipes width or length-wise (I think width-wise is easier).

Good Luck!

OOPS! edited because I didn't read the post directly above mine. DUH. Anyway, way to go Liya!
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Originally posted by tuffykenwell
We never did the bikini twist so that may be where my advice falls down flat LOL! And I will admit to hanging up my snappi in favor of fitteds when Rhys hit about 8 months old because he started doing the "bum bum" dance and I couldn't get him to lay still long enough to get the &$#(*& diaper snappied...

We do use them now sometimes though (for some reason at 14 months he doesn't move around as much during diaper changes...)

Hopefully you can get it figured out and feel the again

Must be that 14 May thing, Rich has been a dream to change for about 6 weeks now. He LOVES getting his diaper and getting changed. I have to admit there was a short time I gave up on snappiing for a bit since he squirmed so much, but then I started making pocket dipers that are snappiable and now it's a dream. I my snappi
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Originally posted by liya
I have mastered the twist....It was hard i tell ya but i have mastered it No longer am i a SNAPPI IDIOT and let me tell you its super super trim.....i love it under my Bumpys its one of my trimest option and those sucker CPFs absorb more and more as i wash them..... as we speak im washing my dirties...lol so i can bikini twist somemore and it catches the poop KEEP IT UP YOU CAN DO IT...look at me ONCE A SNAPPI IDIOT NOW IM SNAPPI REFORMED....I sound like an informercial :
Whoo hoo !!! Yay! That is great! You did it! Congratulations! A snappied, bikini-twisted cpf is my favorite diaper as well!
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