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Zoloft and fatigue

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I know fatigue is a common side effect of Zoloft, but wow... I sure hope this passes soon. I have been on Zoloft now for 7 days and I have slept more than I can remember. All I want to do is sleep. Reminds me of when I was first pregnant. I've been laying down sleeping so much my sinuses are bothering me now and I have a dull headache. This is depressing in its self I am trying to hang in there and stick with it because I can finally breath now! I no longer feel like my chest is being constricted. However, I really just want to feel normal.. will I ever feel normal again? *sigh*

So how long did it take for other Zoloft users to finally feel a bit more enrgetic and not ready to doze off at any given moment?
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Hey, I take Zoloft and one thing that's helped is to take it right before bed. Have you tried that?

I'm sorry to hear the side effects are really strong for you. My guess is the severe sleepiness will pass very soon. Side effects for antidepressants usually get better after a week or two, a month or so tops (at least for me).

Hang in there! And if it gets really bad, do call your doctor. I hope you feel better soon.
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I started on Lexapro and switched to Zoloft after about nine months. One of the side effects of all ssri's is fatigue. For me, it felt like pregnancy fatigue and it was the worst in the first two weeks. Then it was mild for another two or three weeks, then I noticed that I wasn't tired anymore.

It is a frustrating side effect, but it will pass soon.
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The fatigue usually passes within the first four to six weeks. If it does continue to bother you talk to your doctor about switching to a more stimulating ssri. Prozac, for instance, is supposed to cause less fatigue. Everyone reacts differently so it might take some trial and error.
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Zolft is a gfit from GOD.

Yes it had a mild "tired effect" buttttttt my doc suggest 1) take it at bed time and get some use out of the effect as I had trouble sleeping adn 2) view it as a clam and peaceful feeling not a tried thing.....it helped; both suggestions.

I went on Zoloft...................and guess what trees have leaves That was what it was like. Like putting glasses on for the first time after being blind.

I was on it 3 years. NEVER had a bad time. The "tred" effect wears off. Though I have ALWAYS taken my meds at bedtime (BC Pill and everything else) sooooooooo it never bothered me.

Again...............I'd choose a little tired at bedtime over the deep dark place i was trapped in ANY DAY.

Sex dirve might have been downa littel; as is common with anti-d, BUT since when I was in the dark place I didn't want any physical contact; that was still better even if not ideal.

It took care of the.............physical exhustion so hevey i felt like i was moving under a pool of lead. .....................took care of the foggy brain that wouldn't let me read anything and follow it for more than 3 senteces.........................made the world colorful again.

I have never taken it PPD; so i can't speak for hormone changes pp buttttttttttttttt Zoloft worked great for me.

Can't hurt.

Good luck.
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I was just going to type what Liam's mom wrote--can you take it at bed time? I don't notice much of a difference, but I've been on an ssri for close to 3 years now. I'm pretty used to it.

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Geez! Reading this thread reminded me to take mine!

I just started taking it 6 days ago, and I am very tired. I switched it to night time 3 days ago and still have the tireds at 11 am. It's just the first week, so after reading this, I'll give it more time. It has to be better than what I felt before!
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The severe fatigue did pass. I am still a bit sleepier than usual, but it isn't that bad. I do notice now that I will 'pass out' while nursing dd in the late evening. Some evenings I lay down with her to get her to bed, next thing I know its 1am :LOL I took her to bed with me when she woke up last night around midnight and dh must have moved her to her crib sometime during the night, but I don't remember it at all.

I feel pretty good. I had to up the dose a little bit, as the nature of SSRIs is to decrease in effect after the first month and then level off. So I take 75mg now. No more tight feeling in my throat or SOB. I don't feel much different other than that, but that is enough! So glad to not have that panicky, upset feeling 24/7
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Glad it's working out for you!! I take 100mg of Zoloft every day. And it's been wonderful.
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