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I love the cut of the SP side snaps, but sadly I never have any luck with the serging on their diapers. It always loosends and unravels.

Otherwise, I would buy a ton more of these.
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The very first wool cover I bought was a SugarPeas jersey in size small - and it STILL fits my DD! I do love these covers. I also have a size medium two-layer flannel cover, and I just prefer the jersey, which is thick and stretchy while being totally bulletproof as far as leaks and wicking. I wish she was making more of that style, but I would highly recommend the flannel covers as well. The colors she uses are beautiful, nice for boys or girls. It's great that she's stocking through a few online stores now!
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I like the sugarpeas side snapping diapers a lot--great fit, and great absorbency. But they run really big. The size 1 front snappers are an amazing size range--they would nicely fit a small baby (I'm not sure newborn, but darn close to it) but it fits my chunky toddler on the smallest snaps without crossing over the wings, too! How does it do it? and super super super trim. I finally gave up my sugarpeas size 1s because the absorbency isn't enough anymore, but the fit was super.
The wool covers were scratchy and I didn't like the style in front because it without elastic you could look down and see the diaper underneath. I would like to try the merino jersey soon though!
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I recently purchased a dozen side snap organic cotton sugar peas in small and medium and have fallen in love with them! They are super soft and trim. I use the small size on my newborn and they rock! Not bulky at all, and even softer than the FCB 0's that I have. Plan to use them as my workhorse dipes. The best thing about them is that they are readily available and work just as well as some of the hyena dipes. The snaps are hidden - no snaps touch baby's skin.

I also own two custom-made wool jersey covers that are very soft and thin, yet work amazingly well. Highly recommend these!
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i really like our sugarpeas items. we have a few pea-in-the pod covers and snap ins and a few fitteds. all fit great and are well made. the newer items i have seem to have the softest fleece that isn't pilling! yay!
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I like Sugar Peas side-snapping fitteds as a good workhorse diaper. They're trim yet absorbant. They fit isn't as good as First Class Baby or Little Fishy on my DD, but it's still pretty good; I think I would like the fit better if the diapers if they had front elastic. I also wished that they had attached soakers because I found snapping soakers back into diapers after doing laundry to be a pain. And finally, I did have problems with sizing inconsistency. I have owned mediums that were smaller than my smalls, and mediums that were as big as larges--but maybe that problem has been fixed now. However, I really consider these problems to be small, and I'd still recommend them to someone looking for a trim, absorbant workhorse diaper.
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