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Am I The only one who front snapping diapers wing out?

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pretty much all of the front snapping diapers Ive had besides the motherease os wing out am I the only one this does it too am I doing something wrong so I am looking for side snapping diapers. Iam just curious if I was the only one or not.

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do you mean how the front flaps sort of curl back from the tension once they are snapped? i hate that. all mine do. motherease is my worst for this. firefly doesn't do it quite as badly. front snappers with 2 rows of snaps (rare--hard to find) are the best at preventing this.

my diaper pet peeves: droop, and curl. (and crooked snaps.)
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after I snap it up the front of the diaper wings out the side. like the snaps isnt securing the diaper at all I hate this because it leaks and it just drives me nuts the only ones that dont do it is motherease. it is hard to explain.

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I think that is known as wing droop. You mean when the front of the diaper slides out from under the snapped wings, right?
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yup.. i have that problem too.. Kay is thin & side snaps work best

SOS did it something terrible
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yes actually what happens I hate it. Iam glad Iam not alone I thought I was doing something wrong.

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I think it must depend on how a baby is shaped vs a particular diaper's snap configuration.

I don't get the "curled wing" with my ME Onesize, Firefly or my Sugar Peas, but I do get it a little bit with my Darling Diaper front snap diaper and REALLY badly with my Growing Greens Onesize.
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I always have to put an extra snap on the front wing to keep the front wing from falling under the back wing snaps. Drives me nuts..hence I don't do that many front wings at all.
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I got rid of my Kissaluvs because of that whole wing issue.
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I had the same problem with some of my diapers, but, my FMBG is a front snap and I did not have the problem But, I think it is cause they come in more sizes
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yup i hate that to that is why i went to all side snapping...... that works so much better on my cubba bubba
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We are side snap users here for that very reason.
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Wait . . . 'wing-out' and 'wing-droop' are two different things to me.

Wing out is when the actual front part curls back - as if from tension (this was mentioned above).

Wing droop is when the portion that is snapped under slides down and sort of 'droops' at the thigh where you can see it instead of staying up against baby at the waist.

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Sounds good to me...that means we have a case of the *wing droop* over here..LOL...keep saying it to myself..yep.wing droop..wing droop..
Ok..and just how late is it? almost 1..what am I still doing up?
Heather I was your way Tuesday..LOL
Probably going again this week or going to Savannah one..shopping..shopping..more fabric..can never have enough fabric..wing droop..wing droop..yeah..thats it..
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I just discovered "wing droop"- I just got my first two snapping diaps- A hemp cuddlebuns and a kissaluvs. I like velcro/ aplix much better and after using the snapped ones one time each I am MUCH happier I chose to get mostly velcro/ aplix dipes.

I do like my first snapping cover though (a pumpkin shell), but I guess that is side snapping so it cant have wing droop. I guess that is the advantage to sidesnaps.

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Becky, if you are coming to Augusta, PM me and we'll get together!
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Hmmm....I actually don't have the problem with wing droop on front snapping fitteds of any kind. I wonder if it is because ds has always been a chunky baby. One of my Honeyboys does droop a bit though, even though it is Aplix and not snaps, but that may be because it is an X-large, and ds is really closer to a large.
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I have that problem with my SugarPeas. The top part that folds down likes to flip up also. I still like them though. Strange...
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