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Its amazing to me how many comments we get when ds is in the sling. When he's in the stroller (long days out when my back needs a break), people rarely even look at him. But in the sling, people constantly come up and ask how old he is, tell me he's a cutie, or ask about the sling (I usually send them to www.kangarookorner.com because she's got so many different kinds to choose from).

My favorite comments are from older women who tell me, "Oh, I had one of those for my babies. They're all grown now, but I loved it and so did they!" It makes me feel like I'm part of a wonderful historic tradition .

We do get some "he looks scrunched", "he looks uncomfortable", or "how does he breathe?" and I respond, "If he had a problem with being in the sling, believe me we'd all know it!"
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i get comments when i'm slingin dd...many say 'oh i didnt even know u had a baby in there!' and tons of comments on how cute she looks peeking out over the edge of teh sling (i carry her only in the kangaroo carry cuz it's the only one i know how at the moment)...

mom and dad said i look like a 'retard' and that i look like a 'gypsy'/'bedouin woman' ( a huge insult if ur lebanese: )

when at the park one day and there were about 4or 5 old ladies around me, dh and dd , one lady asked if i had a dog in there: lol

and the other day my sisters and mom came over (I KNEW they were coming andput dd in the sling anyway:P knowing mom hates it) and my sister knows she hates it too so she acted like she'd never seen my dd in it and goes 'oooooh that's a nice little contraption ya got there!' LOL. i had to hold in my laugh..she just did it to get to my mom..and mom was very nicely holding her tongue..hahaha...
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