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First Birthday Cake Alternative

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My daughter is about to turn one. I want the day to be special and I have to have that photo shot of her in her high chair with her birthday cake, but I don't want to feed her cake. Does anyone have any healthy alternative ideas?
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When my LO turned one I made an applesauce cake (more like a quick bread or muffin) and homemade, not terribley sweet cream cheese frosting. It was a single layer and still looked cake-ish and was certainly messy in the hands of a one year old
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for my eldest daughter's first birthday, she had a juicy ripe pear with a candle in it instead of a "cake" as she wasn't really eating many solids yet. my son's first birthday cake was a carrot cake that was mildly spiced and sweetened with pureed soaked raisins. my baby is about to turn one and her brother and sister are hoping for some sort of crazy sugary concoction like they get at many friends parties, but i think i will be making a zucchini cake with zucchini from the garden and and frosting it with a little cream cheese frosting. i will make cupcakes for the little ones and just put a dollop of frosting on each for them, and the grown ups can have a little more frosting on the cake if them want. we really don't do too many sweets in general, but we love to bake cakes and have parties, so we have made really great use of fran costigan's "great good desserts, naturally!" especially her chocolate cake to live for! yum!
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I did the healthy carrot cake thing too. I took the recipe from "Sugar Free Toddlers" its sweetened with apple juice, raisins and pineapple. That cookbook has lots of healthy cake recipes.
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You can frost things with whipped cream.... like maybe some homemade pudding?

I made a single layer chocolate mud puddle cake for my son's 1st bday... and then put a doily on it and did a powdered sugar design. My Mom has passed down this birthday train candle holder to me, so we put that on top.

Another option is to use one of the recipes from "The Sneaky Chef." Everything I"ve tried has been delicious. www.thesneakychef.com
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My ds2 just turned 1 and I ended up not doing this because we had the party at a local park and I just didn't feel like dealing with the mess. But I had planned to cut out a cake-shaped chunk of watermelon and "ice" it with prune/date puree. I figured it would look like chocolate icing and make a nice birthday mess. I think I'll do it for his due date party (which I'm planning to have with family since he was 10 weeks early).

For ds1 I did a healthier carrot cake with lower sugar cream cheese frosting. And a whole wheat carrot cake for birthday#2.
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