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Hi: So I've been exercising with my DS since he was born in January, 2007. It started with him really liking to be danced to sleep in the sling and now it's a regular part of our routine (Well sometimes not as regular as it should be when I'm is feeling tired!)

What do you like to do when you exercise with your baby? If you don't : give it a try - it is so much fun and healthy for you.

DS is 7 months old now. Our exercises:

Dancing: mainly bellydance with him in my sling, sometimes led by a bellydance DVD.

Weight exercises: squats, good-morning kickbacks, calf-raises, pull-downs (at a weight machine), and dumbbell curls (very carefully) all with him in the sling. Sometimes I curl him but not for many reps. He giggles away when I do pushups over him, and mule kickbacks (glute exercise). Baby-presses: I lie on my back and press him up, fly him around a little.

Core exercises & yoga: mostly he'll be out of the sling, sometimes he'll be on my belly, sometimes just sitting beside. I went to a class when he was 3 months old, and now I just make up my own routine at home.

When he was very little I also used to sling him and row on an Erg rowing machine with him. I'd go quite slow - not a strenuous exercise and I wouldn't be using the usual full range of motion - and he always went to sleep very peacefully.

And of course we go for walks together too.

DS is getting more mobile and enjoying a lot of time out of the carrier, but he is not tiring of being my exercise coach. Well, sometimes he sleeps on the job.: