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Got Back......

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Got Back

He he yes the diaper is clean, yes the diaper fits, and yes the Baby Got Back :LOL

oh and the predicament...thank the brother :LOL
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I see your hiney
And it's so shiny
You better hide it
Before I bite it...

Never quite understood that little song, but it fits here, I think...:

Really cute one there, Linda
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Plumber in training!!

Cute, very cute!
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ok need a new smiley, the one with the head on the keyboard banging the mouse cracking up so hard, crying pails of tears, oh and peeing in the pants kind!!!
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:LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL I'll sing with ya Linda :LOL

That's too cute.
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woo hoo karoake Jesse.....
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J-Lo ain't got nuthin on your daughter!
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How wonderful! Thanks for sharing! :LOL
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Shes sooooo adorable Linda... botty...oh the days you will have if this keeps up....
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:LOL :LOL Oh that is so hilarious!!!
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Plumber in training, indeed
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