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How much do you spend per month (average) on clothes, hairdresser, and make-up?

Poll Results: How much do you spend per month on clothes, hairdresser, and make-up?

  • 67% (327)
    less than $25
  • 16% (81)
  • 6% (33)
  • 3% (16)
  • 5% (25)
    over $100
482 Total Votes  
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Basically, things that are for you only. If you don't shop monthly, think how much you spend in a year and divide by 12.
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Well I have $50 a month that is MY money to do whatever I want with. I don't wear a lot of makeup or do my hair up so I don't have to worry about those cost but I have been buying maternity clothes. I was pregnant in the winter the first 2 times and it was easier to just throw a hoodie on then having maternity shirts. That don't fly now. Haha.

Most of the time my money goes to things for the house though. Like a facet mounted water filter or prints/art for the walls.
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I said less than $25.00, but that's not exactly accurate. I don't spend more than $25.00 on clothes, personal toiletries, etc. But, if we're talking "just for me", I probably spend more...there are things like books and my choir fees and such.
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over $100 i'm sure.
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Less then $25.00
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I spend no money on hair cuts and care, no money on make up.

I do not wear any makeup, ever and the last time i had my hair cut or done was in 04 for our wedding (last time i had make up too, before that i do not remember ).

Of course i buy shampoo and conditioner, and i use a differnt one than DH or DS so I guess that money should count .. ??

Recently i have bought new clothes -- being pregant -- i have bought all things i can nurse in too -- as DS has only now at week 28 thought of weaning, i don't want him too, and i can wear it all PP with the new one (and hopefull Theo) nurseing., I do, however, hate the prices i am having to pay -- i have a hard time paying 25 to 35 for a shirt!!!!

However, I do spend money on ME ... books, or stuff for the house..... so i do not see it as "I don't sepnd the money cuz i don't work out of the house for a pay check" or anything...........the money usally is just not an "girl" stuff.

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I spend very little money on hair/makeup/clothing, and often what I do buy is from gift certificates I get for birthday/Christmas gifts. I chose less than $25/month because it's certainly way less than that.

If we're talking about all things I buy just for me it would be slightly higher. I buy books here and there and scrapbooking stuff now and then.

We haven't really got tons of extra money floating around after bills are paid so I'm glad I don't like shopping much!
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Depends on the month. My dh wants me to dress nicely, wear makeup, have a great hairstyle...and..uh...well, I wont protest.

Heck, the other day he called me and said "Tomorrow at noon you have an appt for a massage...it is paid for..even the tip...go and have fun, you deserve it" He took away all objections. (for some reasons I can buy clothes, makeup, and spend 60$ on a haircut, but I cant manage to bring myself to get a massage)

I probably do spend between 50-100 every month...sometimes more.
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Not much at all. I wear minimal makup and haven't gotten my hair cut in months.

Money is tight right now so I don't buy anything just for me. (DH doesn't get anything just for him right now, either.) If we had it in the budget, I'd like to get my hair cut more often.
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I said less than $25, but it's more like 0.
I don't ever wear makeup. I think it's a waste of money.
I get my haircut about three times a year, at $20 each cut, so $60 a year, that means it's an average of $5 a month, even though I don't cut my hair every month.
The last clothes I got my mom bought for me because she doesn't like the clothes I have.
The clothes before that, my mom paid for from salvation army.
Before that, the last time I bought clothes was right after A was born.
I bought a nursing bra which I never use and a pair of pants, which I've worn to bits.
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I voted more than $100.

DH cuts my hair, and I almost never wear make-up. But I do buy myself clothes. And I spend a fair amount on other things that are just for me. Last weekend I went on a camping trip with my sister (no DHs or kids). I go out for girls night out at least once a month (usually more). I buy myself things I want- for example, this week I bought myself a new water bottle, a camelbak, and a couple of CDs.
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definitely less than 25. I don't wear makeup,rarely buy clothes. I prefer recycled clothing. I'm pretty simple I guess.
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I've taught my husband how to cut my hair, so I haven't been to a salon in something like 10 years. I don't wear makeup.

I spend $200-$300 a year on clothes and shoes. Though this year, my mother got me a $200 gift card for my birthday in January, so the only money I spent myself was when I needed a new swimsuit.
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I cut my own hair, don't wear makeup, and rarely (if ever) buy clothes.
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Way less than $25. I haven't gotten a haircut in over a year. I don't buy make-up or new clothes. Does buying cheapie shampoo and conditioner and toothpaste count as that kind of stuff? If it does, I spend a few dollars a month. But dh and dd use that stuff, too.
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I haven't cut my hair in 2 years, I last bought makeup 6 months ago ($40 worth of mineral makeup - lasts forever) and I rarely buy clothes. I do *want* a haircut though, but my mom will probably do it for me. For toiletries I use the same shampoo as the rest of the family, a deodorant stone that lasts a year and only coconut oil as a moisturizer. When I buy clothes its maybe once a year for about $50-100 all on sale. I do like shoes but I don't want lots of them and the ones I have work just fine. I wear my birkenstocks most days of the year and they seem to last a really long time.

I do like coffee though...up until recently I'd buy a latte once a week so I probably spent about $20/month on that. I quit drinking any decaf coffee that is not water processed though, so I'm outta luck on my one little luxury.

I guess I'm pretty low maintenance nowadays :
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Maybe $25/yr total on all makeup. $12 per haircut every 6-8 weeks.

Clothes, I buy only when previous clothes have worn out or I need a different size. Maybe $50-$100 per year?
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I put under $25 a month. But realistically, I buy myself less than $10 a year worth of clothes unless pg, and I buy makeup so rarely, it's not worth counting (under $10 a year, too). I also trim my own hair and never dye it or buy shampoo, etc. It's really long.
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Wow, I guess I spend a lot! I think I save on a lot--color my own hair now, do my own pedis, get cheapy hair cuts, buy clothes at consignment stores, but I still buy whatever makeup or face care I think will stop me from looking 100 years old. I also buy books or things for the house that I like.

Mamas, I'm curious. Are you spending so little on yourselves because the money isn't there, or because you choose not to spend it on yourselves?

I had to come back and ETA that when I was WOH I easily spent triple that amount on myself and that's not including happy hours and dinners out w/ coworkers! I feel I *am* earning money for our family now by taking care of the home and DS, and if I want to buy something that's within our budget, I deserve it, IMHO.

I think of SAHMing as my "job" now, and I like to look and feel nice for the boss, even if he is a two year old.
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I guess I spend alot, too!

I get my hair cut about every 3-4 months, at $20 (fabulous local beauty college--it's a steal; before this, I paid upwards of $50). I wear makeup, but I only need to buy it about twice a year, so about $50-$75/year.

We budget $75 a month for clothing. That includes all of us, though, and shoes, too. I try to find good deals, but I probably buy a few new pieces each season.

I get a $20 weekly "allowance." That covers Starbucks, occasional fast food breakfasts (man, am I glad I found MDC and the baby will be rearfacing longer, allowing me to indulge in this without having to share for a while longer ), and some scrapbooking stuff. Oh, and today, I bought the book for my new Bible study. And, the babysitter for when I go to MOPs. Stuff like that.
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