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How much do you spend per month (average) on clothes, hairdresser, and make-up? - Page 6

Poll Results: How much do you spend per month on clothes, hairdresser, and make-up?

  • 67% (327)
    less than $25
  • 16% (81)
  • 6% (33)
  • 3% (16)
  • 5% (25)
    over $100
482 Total Votes  
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where is the clicky box for : ???

seriously...hairdresser? negative...I've gotten my hair CUT one time in the last 5 years.........

makeup? There isn't enough in the world to answer that one.....
(I loathe makeup...I think I did find some lipstick for my wedding 5 years ago...maybe?)

clothes..well..yes... i do indeed put on clothes...mostly i just wear whatever i am gifted but I occasionally buy something if it's a steal.....I suppose that might work out to $10 a month or so, not that i buy anywere near monthly.

It's not a frugality issue it's a ....hatred of fashion, clothes, makeup, etc issue. I shower. I dress. That's all you get.
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Ahhh! Zombie thread!
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About $25. I wear makeup every day but it lasts a long time. I love clothes and it's important to me to look nice. I shop primarily at thrift stores and get great deals.
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Hairdresser-- probably averages $2 a month because I get my hair cut every 6 months or so at the cheap place. Otherwise I cut my bangs at home and have started coloring it again ($7/month).

Make-up-- does chapstick count? About $2 on chapstick a month. Once a year I buy some foundation, blush, and a new lipstick for fancy occasions. I throw it out because it gets old, not because it gets used up.

Clothes-- probably $25 a month. I go through some years not buying much and then they get worn out and I buy new ones, usually on the clearance rack but I get good deals for good clothes.
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I voted $25-50 but I don't really do any of that monthly so it is hard to say.
It might be less.
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That is my average though, because some months I don't spend anything. I started rocking locs almost 5 years ago to cut down on hair cost. As a black woman in America it can be CRAZY money every month to keep hair healthy and "nice" looking. I get them groomed once every other month, but sometimes go 3 months. I wear chapstick, sometimes the Alba "Terra" lip gloss- if it's on sale. For a party 10/08 I bought lipstick (hemp!) for the first time in like 6 years....I thrift store shop for me & the kids when I can...I have a hard time spending more than $15 on a used item unless it's friggin amazing.
I will get a pedicure or a back massage after a really hard/challenging birth. It's only been in the past 2 years that I started doing a little something just for me on a regular basis. My grandmother told me if I didn't I might go crazy, or just become really bitter. lol
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Way less than $25 I would have to take it and divide by 12 would be around $1.00 a month. I dont wear makeup at all any more if I do it is some I have had since I was in high school :

I bought a pair of pants the other day off ebay first pair I have bought in 4+ years.

Hairdresser : uumm been 2-3 times in my whole life. I trim my own as needed.
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Originally Posted by DesertFlower View Post
Basically, things that are for you only. If you don't shop monthly, think how much you spend in a year and divide by 12.
Probably $100 a year. More this year b/c I bought maternity clothes and I just bought three outfits for Thanksgiving, Batism and Christmas. The events are too close postpartum for me to even think about fitting into old clothes.
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I voted 25-50, just as an average...

Makeup: none. Can't stand the stuff.

Hair: get free haircuts at a ritzy salon, DH is a massage therapist and does a trade with one of the stylists there (the salon is right below his clinic) : I just buy whatever cheap shampoo is on sale, have often bought a $3 bottle and had it last 6 months.

Clothes: I hate shopping, and do it rarely... so when I do, it tends to be because I am desperate and need a bunch of stuff (eg. when I started doing clinical work for school I had to go and buy some outfits for that, because I had nothing suitable). So for me it tends to be that I will go and spend $200 twice a year, maybe... so that averages out to about $33 per month. It is often less than that though.
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hair cuts once a year $30
no makeup $0
freecycle clothing $0
Shampoo free at the gym$0
Conditioner and small gel use per year
The gym cost money but I'm in the process of being hired there so it will be

per year $70/ 12 about $5.83 a month
Are you all counting shaving cost?
$0 (don't use)

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I think the last time I paid for a haircut was 11 years ago.

I don't buy makeup, don't really wear makeup.

As for clothes, I tend to buy good quality stuff that lasts a long time. I also get clothing as gifts (from mom thanks).

I check out clearance sections all the time. Found a great sweatshirt for myself on clearance (nice embroidered...could have sold for $30) on clearance for $5. I think those are the only clothes I bought this year so far. I do want to buy some maternity bras and new underwear. Will do that soon.

My maternity clothes are so used (4 pregnancies HA!) that the elastic is shot on three of the 4 pants. I actually can just wear those now that I'm past the 8th month without them falling down. Otherwise I've just been wearing some XL hubby clothes .

I used to shop at the Bealls clearance center...waited for their sales, would buy things when they were down to $1.80-3.00. Of course, they closed their location here last year. But, I stocked up when they were clearancing. Got some insanely good deals. Which should last me for many years at least!
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I spend more than most here, I guess. I voted in the $75-100 a month.

None of it seems extravagant -- I get my haircut twice a year, I buy some clothes, a few pairs of shoes. I run a lot and my running shoes are pricey.

I don't wear make-up, but I do like skin cream. I try to buy the more natural brand (Badger Balm, etc) and they are a little spendy.

I have been pregnant, breastfeeding, gaining weight or losing weight for the past 8 years, so it seems like I always need clothes, bras, shoes, etc....

I don't know - I can spend much less and have when money has been tight, but there always comes a moment when I feel as though I am entering martyrdom and become resentful. Dh and I have talked about this a lot and he encourages me to spend a bit more and look after myself. I am the backbone of this family -- I stay at home while he travels, I homeschool, I cook from scratch, deal with the discipline and activities...my job never ends, so if a bit of nice smelling lip balm is soothing to me, I make sure that I have it.
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Well over $100. I work and need to present a pulled together appearance. I also enjoy professional nail care.

I earn good money and feel that it is money well spent.
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I budget for around $250 on clothes per month for the family, but that usually doesn't get spent.
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I rarely get haircuts, but I do color it at home for about $10 every two months. I might spend $10 on clothes when thrifting sometimes (rarely buy new clothes), and of course I occasionally need a new bra or pair of shoes. I don't often wear make-up, and I have free samples that I'm using when I do. So I voted less than $25.
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I didn't read all the pages, but I voted less than $25.

In reality, it's less than $15. I have my brows threaded every other month (costs $12) - this is my one splurg. I wait about 6 months between haircuts (costs about $30 a cut). The only reason I go to a salon is that I have a very short hairstyle that needs to be cut professionally, before I had this hairstyle, I cut my hair myself. I almost never go shopping for clothes, maybe three times a year at most and 99% of the time it's at a thrift store (it's rare that I would spend more than $30 on clothes for myself). I have a solid wardrobe of professional attire for work and some well-worn casual clothes for weekends at home, so I really don't feel like I need to spend money on clothes. I don't wear make-up daily. Makeup is only worn for funerals, weddings, and interviews. And what I do wear is limited to eyeshadow, mascara, tinted lotion, lip gloss, and powder. All of my makeup is Aveda, which was somewhat expensive, but I've been using the same stuff for about four years.
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I answered $75 - $100 a month -- I looked at my budget and this is what budgeted for.... Its for the family, not just myself.
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Funny - I just went back and re-read my original post which I posted BEFORE I left my XP last year.

It was true then. Now, it'd be less than $25. I'm a single, working mother (who receives no child support) and there's not an extra dime to spare generally. And if there was, you'd bet it'd go to something for the kiddos (the next size up shoes, next season's clothes, whatever...).

Although, I do let myself get my hair cut once a quarter now, and that costs me $10-15.

To have that much money again, to do whatever I wanted with, wow.
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I spend $20 every 3 months getting my hair cut, about $40 per year on makeup and about $20 a month hitting the thrift stores for clothes.

Although I just spent $12 after shipping for 2 bars of soap.... but they will last me a couple months at least. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php...ng_id=17199241 best stuff ever!
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I voted less than $25.

I don't wear make-up, go for a haircut 3 times a year ($25 each time) and the last time I bought some shirts for work was May '07 ($20 for 4 shirts).

The things I buy for myself occassionally are fabrics from JoAnn. I estimate that to be $15/mo.
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