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please recommend a pail...

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i'm registering and thinking on adding a pail, but what to choose?

i figure it has to be something that contains odor. any recommendations?

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This may not be any help at all, but i know there are pails that hold a deo disk, helps absorb odor. But I use just a plain trashcan with a snapping lid--works great and lots cheaper
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i just use a plain old rubbermaid trashcan
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We use a trash bin also, LOL..

We use the diaperbuddies inside it cause when it is time to do laundry you just dump the whole thing inside (with the buddy) and wash.. the diaperbuddy works as a laundry booster.

there are other ones you can get with "pockets" for the disks (walmarts sells them) but, I needed something bigger and they don't last me long

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Sterilite flip-top from Wal-Mart!
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Yup, I use a sterilite flip-top too. It's smallish though, but that's good because it keeps my on my laundering toes.
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I got mine from Smartie Pants Diapers and I LOVE IT! It is huge and can fit a LOT of diapers. Also Bryana offers a flat $3.95 shipping so that won't kill you. Definitely worth the money!
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thanks for the suggestions! they sure are helpful.

interesting how no one uses an actual diaper pail. good to know.
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I got my diaper pail at weebeez.com I lent it to a friend and she broke the lid so I had to pay $6 for a replacement....but other than that, it's worked just fine. I suppose I could have gotten something from Target...never thought of that
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We didn't have any "odors" to deal with until they started solid foods.

OMG! I love my Sterilite flip-top. I have a deep one with a blue lid and gray handle and hinges. Got it at Hell-Mart. For me, it's perfect, but I also wash about every other night. It was about $4. I'd save the registry for dipes!

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I use a small sivler trash can with a flip top lid & foot pedal. The inside has a plastic "liner" with a handle that you can lift out & carry to the washer. After 7 years cloth diapering, this is the best I have found. You can buy them anywhere for about 18.00
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I've tried out quite a few pails and the one that works best at containing odors and has hands-free action is a regular foot pedal, flip-top trash can. I got a slim one from Wal-mart that is supposed to fit in tight spaces. An extra large Bummies tote fits in it perfectly. I gave away all my other pails.

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I use a Sterilite touch top trash can. I got it at Target for about $5. My large Bummis pail liner fits perfectly.
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I also used a Sterilite flip top trash can until I was at a thrift shop and picked up a Gerry pail for 1.50. It has spot inside the lid to put a disk (although I have yet to use one) and it has a locking lid and handle for easy moving to the laundry room. I love it!

I would definitely check thrift shops--they usually have a bunch for very cheap!
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Re: please recommend a pail...

Originally posted by anabean
i'm registering and thinking on adding a pail, but what to choose?

i figure it has to be something that contains odor. any recommendations?


I'm getting a diaper pail from www.jacksmagicbeanstalk.com it has a place for a deo disk and has a locking lid.
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tee hee, so funny that most folks don't use a pail, just a trashcan! I use a rubbermaid 8 gal trash can with a step-thingy, flip top lid. Holds the X-L bummis liner perfectly, or any other liner of about the same size. The liner makes the lid fit more snug too, so less p.u. Then I put a stick-up in the lid to hold my deo-disks.

Originally Posted by Amy
Got it at Hell-Mart.
is that what's wrong with that store?!:LOL
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Originally posted by georgiamilk
I'd save the registry for dipes!
if there were any stores i could register at for cloth diapers! i went to babie r us ( how much stuff does a baby really need?!) and they had a very poor diaper cover selection. but i guess that was to be expected. the reason i'm registering there is so people who live away can buy online. i'm also registering at a local baby store that has way better selection of everyhting, but alas, no online buying option. :
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I have a couple fisher price diaper pails. They are called 'odorless' or whatever... they are no better or worse at holding in smells than when I just throw the dirties into a laundry basket... I don't bother with a liner either. I just leave the pail to air out outside, or spray it out with the hose when I remember.
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We are actually a little different. We use a sterilite (rubbermaid knock-off) bin. The rectangle ones with the lid that are usually used for storage. (which is what it was doing in it's previous life). I began using it until I could afford a pail, but really liked the fact that after I dunked and rinsed the dipes (I know, I just can't stand putting poos in the laundry...toddler poos), I could lay them out flat. If they are stinky, I can put a layer of baking soda on them and the stuff gets spread over the whole dipe which helps with stains. Sort of like dirty diaper lasagna. lol.

edited to add: I usually stack my HH on top...really do need another pail now that I have more dipes to put my HH and covers on. The covers are usually outside the pail on the top, well rinsed, "just in case" I need them. (I don't have many). Most of my stash is prefolds.
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If I'm not mistaken, several of the WAHM sites let you register for diapers and lots of cool stuff!!! Check out some of the WAHMs 'round here, and go to town I would never buy CDs from the usual baby registry suspects (BRU, etc). Good luck--how fun!

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