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We use an 18 gallon Rubbermaid tote. Works perfectly, latches shut so Sophie can't get in, and contains odors (until you open it! LOL).

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Originally posted by succotash
If I'm not mistaken, several of the WAHM sites let you register for diapers and lots of cool stuff!!! Check out some of the WAHMs 'round here, and go to town I would never buy CDs from the usual baby registry suspects (BRU, etc). Good luck--how fun!

who, where, when?! do tell!

i am not savvy at all about all the WAHM's sites. I must find out, since it'd be brilliant to be able to register for diapes!

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You can register at www.naturalbabies.com She has EVERYTHING that a diapering mama could ever want. Her flat rate shipping of $3.95 won't scare people off either
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I don't use a pail anymore. I'm pregnant, and my bionic nose just couldn't take the ammonia smell from the diapers in a plastic trash can. I use one of those cotton canvas laundry bags, got a nifty holder it hangs in. I actually have two of them, so I have one to use while the other is washing with the dipes. I have much less odors using this system, I believe because the diapers can breathe or air out or something.
I do dunk and totally rinse off any traces of poop first, and also spray some Nature's Miracle on the worst dipes before putting them in the bag. (like overnight hemp dipes, they really reek of pee)
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Originally posted by Mamaste
Sterilite flip-top from Wal-Mart!
except mine was from Target

I have a bummis sack inside.
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