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how do i wash proraps?

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i have purex free liquid detergent (and some reg.tide too) and tea tree oil...i have 5 nb size covers i'm using right now...do i have to do a whole load of laundry JUST to wash 5 covers?? right now i'm just hand washing them and line drying after each diaper change..rotating them...but if i want to do it in the washer what's the easiest way that wont ruin them

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I wash all my covers, including my Proraps, with my diapers. I store the dirty covers in a bag next to my pail, since I found that putting them in the pail with the dirty diapers made them smell a bit. When I wash diapers, I just throw the dirty covers in with them. I do hang the covers to dry rather than putting them in the dryer. My covers have held up very well doing this.

I also don't wash my covers after a change. If the cover seems wet inside, I let it air out until the next change. If it doesn't feel wet, then I just use it again.
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I wash them in warm water, and instead of only doing a load for covers, I just wash them in with Ds's other laundry (his clothes and stuff).
ETA- I, too, wash my covers and all my "good" dipes in mesh bags even tough I'm sure you don't have too. I'm too paranoid!
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I keep dirty covers in a Sterilite bin in the changing area. Then whenever I have a load of any sort of laundry *except* hot washes, I dump them in. I isolate ProRaps and anything else with velcro in mesh bag(s). I always hang them to dry -- takes just a few minutes for a ProRap, and saves lots of wear and tear and cracking of the waterproof inner.
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I store and wash my proraps with my diapers. I do a cold soak and hot wash with regular detergent and haven't had any problems with with covers. I line dry them, though. Part of the appeal of proraps (besides being cheap and keeping bf poops in) is that I don't have to worry about special washings!

Marie...Mom to Desmond
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