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Detergent Question

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What is a good detergent that I can use on ANY kind of diaper or diaper cover: wool, fleece, prefolds, etc.
I have been using All Free and Clear and I've learned that causes build up on fleece.
ETA: Ok, all EXCEPT wool
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I like the liquid Arm & Hammer - it does not have the FabriCare that the Powdered A&H does and it gets everything nice and clean without too much 'scent.' It is not phosphate - free, but low in phosphates and it is bleach and fabric softener free.
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I use 7th Generation - I always use "natural" detergents but I hear those cause repelling fleece? I've never had probs but then I don't use a lot of fleece...

Also, I don't know if it's safe to use the same detergent on wool - I suppose in a small amt if you were planning to lanolize it, but I would recommend Eucalan.
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Oooh, glad you brought that up - no A&H on wool . . . only Eucalan here.
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I use Tide. I had a problem with a bad burn type rash that I've since discovered was due to detergent buildup that I didn't know we had. But now that I've added Calgon water softener to our wash routine, the Tide is working wonderfully again. Just don't use too much.
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I use a tiny amount of Cheer Free and Gentle with Borax. Didn't like All Free on my own clothes prior to cd'ing, didn't get stains out so well. Can't use much of anything else, I have super sensitive skin. Even Tide Free gives me a rash!
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Heather has gotten me hooked on A&H. I it. It's gentle on fleece, yet strong enough for hemp.

Gee, I sound like a deodorant commercial!

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I don't have any wool, but I do have fleece and FBs. I am now using Tide, but I have also used All F&C. I have had no trouble with repelling fleece when using either. I also now use Calgon periodically too, and I find that has done wonders for my diapers.

It seems to me like the fleece build up problem is a function of more than just what detergent you use. Your water hardness and general mineral content, amount of detergent used, and other laundry additives also play a role in this.
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I think I am about to switch back to Biokleen. It is the only thing that doesn't build up on my dipes and/or give ds a rash! I tried A&H free and clear, and it gave my poor baby a rash. Tried Melaleuca and no matter how little I used it took two washes to get all the suds out. Same with Tide free, and it seems to be giving him a rash, too! I should mention that I have a water softener so I need a detergent that doesn't suds up a lot. Biokleen powder (the one w/ oxygen bleach but without enzymes, the enzymes gave him a rash!) is the only thing I've tried that doesn't cause us problems. We don't have much fleece, though, so I am not worried about wicking. Oh, and it's Euclan only for us on the wool!
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