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When did you start cding? - Page 2

Poll Results: What number child and what age?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 20% (36)
  • 23% (41)
    after birth but before a year
  • 8% (15)
    one year - 18 months
  • 2% (4)
    19 months- 2
  • 2% (5)
    over 2
  • 25% (46)
    first child
  • 10% (19)
  • 4% (8)
  • 2% (4)
  • 0% (0)
    fifth or more
178 Total Votes  
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I cd -ed our first from birth with diaper service- went to my own ME OS dipes when she was 3 months because the wraps kept leaking and our pinning was very lame. Cloth diapered #2 from birth.
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Started CD'ing my 3rd child at about 18 mos and then 4th child was born 4 months later. I didn't start CDin'g baby #4 until he was around 6-8wks full time as I was trying to build a stash for two kids at once and didn't really want to use CPFs. Once I figured out that I could use CPFs *while* building my "hyena" stash, I got them both into CDs all the time. Shortly after that, DD potty trained and I sold off her stash to buy DS more dipes and its been a fun ride
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I switched my dd(2nd child)to cloth when she was 2.5. The sposies were giving her such awful rashes! Cloth was the answer! We are expecting another sweet babe late November and he/she will be cd'd from birth.

Just an aside: I made dd some cute diapers and I am making tiny ones now for the new baby and my poor ds asks why didn't I make him any and why didn't I put him in "soft, comfy diapers? " So sad! I have explained to him that I didn't know how great cloth diapers were when he was little and I only learned about them when his sister was 2. Poor kid.
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Well I wanted to cloth diaper Rachel in 98 And I did for a month or two with gerber prefolds and dappi covers but didnt stick with it. I did call around for diaper services and the lady told me that they were all closing up due to the fact that everyone uses disposbales she told me if you wanted to cloth that you would have to buy the ones from the store and wash them yourself. I was disappointed. so when I was pregnant with Kimberly I bought some kooshies and use those part time we live in an apartment at the time so it was really hard to wash them so My DH told me to use sposies intil we moved so when Kimberly was 6 months old I cloth diapered part time again intil I bought some more diapers that is when I bought some motherease os and used them and been cloth diapering full time since October. Iam so glad that Iam cloth diapering there is so much more support then there was in 1998. my third child will be cloth diapered from the beginning.
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I'm another who forgot to add "first child" when I voted.

We started CDing Lola when she was five days old (I voted "from birth). We used a service for just under six months (3 months of that was a shower gift), then I began laundering my own.

She's in cloth dipes about 90-95% of the time (some would call me hardcore, others a sell out, and still others normal). I love and prefer her to be in cloth but have never found the right night time solution and just don't care to try anymore.

My stash consists of CPFs, Kissaluv fitteds, Kissaluv contours, a Mother Ease Sandy, a Sugar Pea, and a Firefly. Right now, I'm working on selling off some Kissaluvs so I can buy more Fireflies. I've also recently become wise to the wonders of hemp and eventually want to add some hemp PFs to my stash.
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If only I had known the wonders of cloth BEFORE ds was born! I knew that I *should* cloth diaper him, but I thought it was all pins and sopping wet messes.

Then I bought a Mothering Magazine when ds was 7 months old and got really excited about the ads in the back. So ds was 8 months old when that first fuzzy mail came!

Now I can't wait to cloth diaper the next one from birth!
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We started with ds at about 7 weeks.
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I started with child #2 when he was 15 months old. Then #3 and #4 have been in cd's since birth.
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I started with my first baby at about 4 weeks of age.
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Mothering inspired me as well with their cloth diapering issue, I think January/February! I felt terrible about all the diapers I was throwing away with two in diapers and decided to research cloth! At first I thought all you "diaper chicks" were crazy and now well I am completely addicted!:LOL
My dd was about 26 months and ds 6 months when we started doing cloth about half the time while I was waiting on diapers to come in and now we are doing cloth full time! I love it and wished I would have started with both of them at birth!
Ah, live and learn right!
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I started full time at 6 months even though we had done some here at there since 4 months. She is our first child. If we are blessed with another I will start from birth or right after the meconiom passes. Not sure. She is only in disposables when we are out of town more than a day or so and once a week for 3 hours when she is a sitter.
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I started with DS (only child) at 3 months. I love it and am so glad I switched!
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I discovered cding when dd#2 was 19 months old and was pg with #3. I started p/t with her to get a feel for it. I intended to cd #3 from the get go and chickened out a bit and started when she was a month old.
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CD goes way back

DD#1 since birth 1982 full time
DD#2 12 months 1984 part time
DS #1 since birth 2000 full time
DS #2 since birth 2003 full time
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