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Righteous Baby Fitted Diaper!

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Woo hoo! I got my dragonfly Righteous Baby fitted diaper in the mail and it is wonderful! I love love love it!! As promised, it is very very very trim. The fit is wonderful on my son and it seems like it will fit for a long time.

Love it! Hope Ann makes more soon!

PS- I tried to search the board to see if anybody had already posted this topic but it wouldn't let me. Said I didn't have access. : So, I'm sorry if somebody else already posted a thread about this.

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I don't remember seeing anyone post yet on their RB fitted findings (there's a problem with the search function).

So glad they fit so well! Oh, I so wish they were wovens
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To search diapering now, you have to go to this thread and sign up to be put in to the Diapering Usergroup (Cynthia is putting everyone who wants to see Diapering posts in the search and in View New Posts into a different group so every other member who had trouble going through all the Dipe posts in the view new posts no longer will see them at all. Yay Cynthia!):

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