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Baby has horrbile bug bites--anything I can do??

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One of my 5-month-olds seems to be allergic to whatever it is that's biting him. He's got six huge bites (three on his forehead, one on his toe, one on the back of his head, and one on his leg). They're all as wide as a dime and really swollen. I don't know when or where he got them, but they're probably mosquito bites. Anyway, today is day 3, and they don't seem to be getting any better. Is there anything I can do to help them heal?

Also, anyone know of a baby-friendly insect repellent?


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Mine is really sensitive too. I put arnica gel on bad bug bites starting around the age yours are. It worked really well.

We have had a lot of success with Bite Blocker for Kids...active ingredient soy oil. We live in the land of many biting bugs and now that dc is 2.75 y. o. we are compelled to live outside while she "develops her gross motor skills" running about.

Do you have a good coop or natural food store near you? That might be a good place to start.

Those bites sound wicked!
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I agree about arnica gel. You can also try a paste made from homeopathic Rhus Tox tablets. They have to be the kind that will melt, the ones in the square bottle, not the blue tube. I don't know that I'd put bug spray on a baby before six months, but we use "Buzz Away" from the health food store.
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dd gets mosquito bites all the time. i hate it, but today i tried a new (to me) natural remedy and it seems to have worked great! it's plaintain weed. not the banana thing, but the weed that we used to play with as kids and shoot the tops off. you just pick a leaf and smush it up til it gets juicy and rub the juice on the bite. it really seemed to take the red and swelling away from dd's bites. i knew we had some growing in the front yard, so if you have any near you, you might give it a try. here's a link with a picture -- http://www.gardengatemagazine.com/tips/27tip2.html .

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Lavendar oil will help soothe and heal up the bug bites. I do it on myself all the time, and lavendar is just fine for babies. If you use the essential oil, just dilute it a little bit in a plain oil like olive.

I just discovered Buzz Away and like it for myself, its kind of strong smelling though. I don't really have any other suggestions there.
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Witchhazel works well to take away the itch and inflammation. the drugstore variety has alcohol but i got some in the health food store that is water based - or buy witchhazel bark and simmer it for a couple of hours in a little water.
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