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help using double front carrier

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i have this great double front carrier but have no idea how to put it on. i got it second hand and have no way to contact the person who owned it. does anyone have one. on the twins website they sell one but i couldnt tell by the picture how it was strapped on.

any pointers would be great. there are so many straps and zippers that i usually get frustrated and give up.

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I would try contacting the manufacturer to see if you could buy an instruction manual. I have a double front carrier and I don't think I could describe how to put it on. I HAD to have the pictures to figure it out.
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If you could try and explain how it goes i would really appriciate it. i just need a few pointers. i will go searching for it on the internet but i am leaving on a trip in a few days and really want to be able to use it.

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I'll give it a shot. I'm pretty visual so maybe you can figure this out without pictures This is a MaxiMom carrier, by the way. These instructions are for carrying the babies facing you on your chest:
1) Decide which baby you want on your Right and which one goes on you Left side.
2) Right baby/right shoulder strap is to be shortened all the way up. Attach 3-prong hook to its same side "box" hook, making a loop.
3) On the left baby strap, shorten and attach as in step 2. (These are the "outside" straps).
4) Make both "inside shoulder straps as long as possible and do not connect them to anything at this point.
5) Zip the soulder straps together.
6) Pick up the Right baby. Put your right arm through the "loop" and pull the soulder strap up over your shoulder.
7) Note tht the shoulder straps are zipped together and Both will go over your right shoulder.
8) Pull inside strap around Acroos your back and connect with "box" hook on your Left side. Pull up to tighten.
9) The right baby should be positioned over your right hip at this point.
10) Pick up the Left baby.
11) Put your Left arm through the "loop" and pull shoulder straps up onto your Left shoulder.
12) Guide the "inside" strap with the 3-pronged hook across your back and connect it into the"box" buckle on your Right side. Pull to tighten.
13) Between the babied at their hip areas you willsee both a 3-pronged hook and a "box" buckle. Snap them together.
14) The 11" removable snapping straps can be snapped to each other and placed encircled around the parent shoulder straps between the babies if you like for better weight distribution.

I hope this makes sense. I copied it from my instructionbooklet that came with the carriers. Enjoy your trip!
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I forgot to tell you they suggest putting the babies in the carrier before strapping it on.
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Wow thank you so much. that was a lot to type out and i appriciate it so much. i have had this maxi mom carrier for 3 months and never used. now i can. the instructions were clear and with my husbands help we figured it out. i just hope the babies arent too heavy now to get a lot of use out of the carriers. i'll just strap them to my hubby!

thank you once again!
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You can use the carrier in several different positions so I would still try to get the instructions from the company to make sure you get all the use you can from it. Glad it worked for you!
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How did/do you like the Maxi-mom carrier? http://www.doubleblessings.com/blankets.html

I have a friend who has infant triplets and friends expecting twins. I like to give slings as gifts and the Maxi-mom carrier LOOKS awesome. I kind of would like to get one for my single baby because I like the way that it looks like you leave the baby in the harness and then attach the baby to your front/back or side. That looks so ideal.

(I have 3 slings, two carrier and a backpack, so I can't justify it for myself, but for my friends I would like feedback about how it worked).

Let me know...
(mom to 4 year old son & 8 month old daughter)
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I didn't like it nearly as much as I thought I would. For me, it was easier to use my Maya Wrap. When my boys got too big to share one I just bought another and sling them on either side. Leaving them in the carrier harness just added so much bulk to deal with in the carseat, stroller (when they wanted to ride instead of being carried) , etc and they didn't seem to like it very much.
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