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Noah has arrived!

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Just wanted to share with everyone Noah David arrived at 11:30 am on Sunday- August 12, 2007 ! He was 8bs even and incredibly beautiful! I planned on a homebirth but had to go into the hospital for an emergency c-section. Everyone is okay and recovering (including daddy, lol) but I have severe animea (sp.?) from the blood loss. (Reason I needed a c-section)

Hope everyone else is doing great, enjoying their babies! Good Luck to the mama's who haven't delievered yet, too!

Oh, btw...breastfeeding is going AWESOME! Yea!
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Glad you're recovering well and congratulations on the sweet little one!!
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Congrats Momma. I'ved added you and the babe to the welcome thread Rest and heal well!
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Congratulations! (Are you going to change your user name now? )
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I'm glad yu are ok mama!! Congratulations!
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Congratulations and healing vibes to you.
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So happy for you! That's a good size baby, not too big, not too little! Sorry you had to have a c-section, but great that all is well!
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Congratulations! Hope you have a quick recovery.
Love your boy's name... mine is also Noah
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Congrats! I'm glad that everything turned out so well. Take good care as you heal.
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Originally Posted by Twinklefae View Post
Congratulations! (Are you going to change your user name now? )

I know, I wish I could...why did I pick that name, grrr!
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Congrats to you and Noah! I wish you a quick recovery.
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Amanda, Glad you made it through. Blood loss sounds scary. Jealous that BFing is easy for you. God gives us all our own trials, eh?
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