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how long does it take to get fuz?

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If I order some fuz diapers how long do custom orders generally take? If its going to be months then I'll get mediums... if its going to be weeks I'll get smalls...

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2 weeks ago the wait for a Fuz easy was 5 weeks
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Last I heard her turnaround time was 5 wks. I don't know for sure though... you can always just email her and ask, she is very helpful.
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I just placed an order a couple days ago and she said it would take 5 weeks. We'll see. I've heard of people being told 5 weeks, but not seeing their stuff for 8 weeks, so I'd be surprised if I get mine in 5 weeks. Even if you did order smalls, I think they'd fit your baby for a looooong time (unless you have a big baby that grows quickly). My dd is 6.5 mos and still wears the smalls on almost the tightest snaps.
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I just recently got my Fuz Easy cover and it took 8 weeks.
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I ordered two fuz easies on June 5, and still no fuz.
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I placed my order for one small fuz easy the other day and my email said 5 weeks, but sometimes the size smalls come sooner. Hmmm, I am due in 6 so we will see! LOL!

I am torn though-- I guess I would rather be able to order it and then decide if I want to wait, instead of *never* being able to get it instock OR custom like often happens with some of the more popular dipes and covers.
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Took me almost 12 weeks to get my Fuzeasy.
I ordered it in Mid-March and received it Mid-June.
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My first and second order

took 3 months to get to me, but I am in Canada so they were complete in 2.5 months. I have more pending orders that will be awhile. Worth the wait though, nothing fits my stinker better, well two other diapers fit him really well too but I really love the fuz.
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I ordered my fuzeasy may 15th and still haven't gotten it. It should be shipping any day now though, I can't wait.
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