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Night time success (sort of) Cover ?

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O's been in disposables ( ) at night because he's a heavy wetter. Last night I got brave and put him in a toddler prefold with an airflow and we didn't have any leaks, the diaper was soaked, but no leaks. Not sure how comfortable he was, but the bed was dry. :

So, I want to have a comfier cover for him at night. I'm putting the airflows away as I put them on individually and catch the offenders for red marks, it doesn't seem to be all of them. Bummis seem too stiff and not breathable for night. Is fleece actually cool in the summer time? I've been looking at the Stacinator? I'm going to add a fleece topped hemp fleece doubler tonight and see how we manage, will that work with a fleece cover if I get one? Once I get my nightly newts, will fleece work with that? I'm new to the fleece experience.
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I have compression problems with all fleece. I do use the Airflows at night, but if I want guaranteed no red marks, I go with the Stacinator So Simple. It has fleece around the waist and at the legs. The middle part is pul. No leaks, and no marks!
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fleece covers

We use fleece at night without any leaks (unless part of the diaper was sticking out of the cover.) I make sure it's at least 300 wt., although the windpro ones are my all-time-fave! Wool is also nice, but just wanted to LYK that fleece is great for us.
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Imse Vimse bumpy night covers work great for us. No leaks, no red marks.

edited to add: not the wool ones, the "normal" ones. Haven't tried the wool (but would like to)
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