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A lot of earlier posts said what I was going to say: We really didn't co-SLEEP because the nurses are seriously poking and prodding you every hour or so. I did nothing but nurse and doze with both my babies. Dh and my mom took a couple of turns cuddling the babes if I felt like a real nap, but mostly they never left my arms. No one said anything, but we were only there two nights with my first and one night with my second. Don't stay any longer than you have to!!
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Allowed no, did what I wanted yes.
With ds after I almost punched a nurse out for trying to take him off my breast when I was sleeping they left us alone
With dd uggggg they kept trying to steal her at 2 am, so I could sleep
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Yes, with all three of my babies!

When my oldest son got sick at only 6 weeks old, and had to spend 4 days in the hospital, the nurses allowed me to co-sleep in that awful iron-looking crib too. I had to sign a co-sleeping waiver, but after that, I was able to put the side down and crawl in with him.
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Co-sleeping was encouraged at the hospital where I gave birth. The nurses also left us alone most of the time. They didn't keep coming in and doing things. Soon after I gave birth, they got the bed all cleaned up, turned off the lights and said, "We're going to leave you alone now. Just call if you need anything." We didn't see anyone again for hours.
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It was encouraged. The birth center at our hospital is VERY pro-baby. When your baby is born, they put it immediately on your chest and won't do any weighing/measuring for at least an hour. The nurses helped me get skin to skin with her (on my chest) and recommended we sleep like that. They'll also bend over backwards to help you birth without meds and are very pro-breastfeeding.
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Yes, I co-slept with no problems after my hospital birth. I don't know that I'd say it was 'encouraged' but it was certainly acknowledged as an option- as part of all the safety info given to us, co-sleeping guidelines were included (rails up, etc..). Nobody questioned it or seemed at all surprised or anything. The nurses just helped us get into position to nurse laying down.
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I did. I only had one nurse come in and say "We like the babies to sleep in the bassinette" I responded with "Hm, I like my babies to sleep with me". She just looked at me and walked off. She did not say another word to me about and no one else did either.
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I don't know that I went in planning to co-sleep, but that's what happened. Most of the 2 days we were there, he was in my arms, and we were asleep. I was so tired........ Oh, he slept on my chest when not nursing (which was um NEVER lol)
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One nurse taught me how to nurse him while lying down but also said it was not a "good habit" to get into. But that was it. They didn't care what I did really.
He didn't sleep at all that first night anyway.... just screamed. LOL
The second night he slept in DH's arms.
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In the hopitsl, a nurse came in, saw me and babe snuggled in bed and told me the baby had to sleep in her salad bin (hospital policy.) Since her job was to inform me of hospital policy (not set it) I didn't argue, I nodded and said OK, thanks. Then I closed my eyes (without putting baby into salad bin thingy) and she stood in the door wondering what to do about me, for a moment, and then she left. No one else said anything.
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We were told not to put our babies in bed with us (all three times), but we did it anyway (all three times). Several hospital personnel "caught" us co-sleeping, but no one ever said anything.

I used to do birth certificates for a hospital, and I did see release forms that new moms had to sign if nurses caught them co-sleeping. Something like, "I realize that placing my newborn in my bed to sleep may cause injury to the baby and may increase the risk of SIDS. I have been informed of these risks, and I release the hospital from any responsibility in the event that co-sleeping with my baby causes damage, injury, or death. " Not the exact wording, but something like that.
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Didn't co-sleep with my first in the hospital, because he went straight to NICU. Sort-of co-slept with #2, but she went into the bin a couple of times- she nursed almost constatly, though, so she wasn't in there much! Once we went home, she co-slept for five years, though!

With #3 and #4, yes, I co-slept (at two different hospitals.) No-one said anything to me about it. I did have one nurse telling me I was letting #3 nurse too long, but that was about the extent of my problems. I slept really lightly at the hospital (like everyone else says, it's hard to sleep there), and I would put pillows along the railing and an arm around my babies to keep them in place.
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No. I put him in the bed with me and they asked me not to do that. I did it anyway. He slept on my chest.
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We weren't allowed to (against rules) but that didn't stop me. I got at least two lectures that I remember.
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It probably helps that I can wake on a dime so every time someone came in I appeared wide awake..
me too...

I "slept" (more like dozed) in a reclined position, with boppy and baby on my lap. he nursed practically all night, so we stayed in that position and dozed together. They didn't really like it, and kept trying to take him to the nursery. but i just said no thanks we're fine right here.
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I co-slept with my second at the hospital. I was prepared with quick comebacks for when the nurses told me I wasn't allowed, but no one said anything! All the nurses did a double take, but never brought it up.
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I did with mine. Some doctors were very unhappy about it but what are they going to do?? One morning a doctor walked in and flipped on the light switch (they can be so rude and forget that you are up all night with a newborn and nurses poking you), anyway, on his way in he glanced at the bed and said "I certainly hope that isn't the baby in that bed." I just smiled at him and said "Yes it is." What could he do??? kick me out after my c-section???
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I most definitely slept with my baby on my chest all night long. And that was after surgical births since all 4 were c-sections.

After 9 months of pregnancy, letting my newborn sleep in a plastic box was not even an option.

I just made sure DH was always there since I couldn't get up in the beginning and when the nurses suggested I put the baby in the bassinet thing I gently said no thanks, we're fine.

Oh and because of the c-sections I had an adjustable bed and was partially upright so I'm sure that made it easier to co-sleep with baby on my chest. But if I had been lucky enough to give birth vaginally and had a flat bed I assume we still would have kept the baby with us all night.
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We co-napped, he didn't want to settle in the bassinet. But I am not sure if it was allowed, I always woke up right away when they entered the room. It is not very comfortable because the beds are so narrow. I had him in the middle of the bed, because there were no siderails...

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as the rule enforcer, I never give any advice at all. I just do my job around whatever the family wants. We don't get a lot of birthplany types, but when we do I assign them to the best RN possible, so they do get that care they expect.
I do occasionally say, "go ahead and try to sleep while you are nursing, I will check back with you to make sure you are okay"
Not hospital policy. But I hate to put the baby in the bassinet, i believe they need to be held by mom or dad. The manager recently sent out another sids and infant death report that implicates cosleeping. (It worries me that it will become a child abuse issue, and parents can be prosecuted if this happens.)
I coslept with my 1st dd who was a hospital birth. My second was at home, so of course I coslept.
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