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I didn't even think about co sleeping with dd, but her bassinet thing was wedged between the bed and the couch thing. The nurse actually set that up for me as I didn't have anyone in the hospital with me. I don't think they would have given me too hard a time about co sleeping.

We lived in a different state when ds was born at a hospital that is certified baby friendly. Several of the nurses went running for pillows for me so I could tuck them up along the rails and have ds in bed with me. They also had no problems with us co sleeping when he had to be admitted over night at 1 month old. I had to sign a paper stating they weren't liable for anything, but one of the ped nurses actually suggested he co sleep.
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I ended up having a c-section in the hospital and I was able to get away with semi-co-sleeping because I was breast feeding.

They brought in the little plastic bassinet on wheels and they wanted me to let them put my son in it when he was "done" eating.

So, I basically had him nurse as much as possible and even "lied" when the nurses would come in and ask if he had nursed and was done. I just kept telling them no and told them my husband who was camped out on the couch in the room would put the baby in the bassinet when he was done nursing. Needless to say that did not happen too much. I'd say It was about 90% co-sleeping and 10% in the bassinet.

I was on a IV pain killer and they were nervous about me having him sleep with me, which I can understand but I just assured them my husband
would keep an eye on the baby and I.

I did have one little spat with a nusre or aide who tried to take the baby from me to lay him down, my mommy claws came out though..
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When I delivered my son, I didn't, but mostly because neither of us were sleeping at all. When he was 5 days old, though, he was rushed to the hospital pretty sick, so he had to go to the pediatrics dept, and I started the entire stint out by sticking to my guns. Irregardless of what they would have said, I refused to leave his side for a single moment, and I slept right in the pediatrics bed beside him, every night. The head of pediatrics was in our room every morning with a group of interns (teaching hospital), and no one said a single word. I think they knew I would refuse, though. I would say follow what you feel is best, and stick to your guns. This is your baby; what in the world are they going to do to you?? I do, however, second the opinion to be safe about it. Regular hospital beds are a little trickier; we were in a pediatric crib/bed, the kind with the adjustable sides. It was a little more secure.

Like a pp said, this is YOUR birth experience; don't let anyone make you regret anything about it!
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I did, with all of mine. The first time, a nurse used to sneak in once we were asleep and take DD from me and put her in the bassinet. Then I'd wake up all in a panic not knowing where my baby was. :

With the twins, nobody bothered us except for one nurse who came in all in a huff and informed us we weren't allowed to cosleep. DH had been sleeping with one baby on his cot and I was with the other in my bed. Anyway, I asked her quite innocently how else one was supposed to get TWO newborn babies to sleep when one couldn't walk (I'd had a c-section.) Then I cordially invited her to go tell on us to anybody she pleased, and let me deal with that person. I knew my midwife would back me, and probably my OB too, so I wasn't worried. I never heard another word about it, but after that most of the nurses treated us less well than they had done before.

But I can imagine they would intimidate a lot of mamas into not cosleeping.

I think a sane, family-centered hospital would have big double beds so that new families could all sleep together and bond with baby. For labor too; there were so many times during labor that I wanted DH to lie down with me and rub my back or whatever, but there was no way he was fitting in that awful bed with me.
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I have never had a problem or had anyone say anything at all about it. I gave birth for the first time in 1980 and rooming in was not really done but was starting to be talked about. I slept with my baby then and have every time since. I have also had pediatric stays & surgeries for myself over the years and co-slept with my children in the hospital. In 1980 they didn't want parents on the peds units but by 1983/84 that was beginning to change. I think they began to really cut staffing around those times and realized that having parents stay made for a lot less work for them.
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Nobody ever said anything to me, but we were only in that room from about midnight until noon the next day. I found the hospital bed very conducive to co-sleeping for the couple catnaps I took. I could put my knees up and head up and sleep reclined, with my baby tummy to tummy, skin to skin against my chest. I stuffed pillows down in the sides of the bed so that I wouldn't roll. The bed seemed big to me, not little, but I'm rather short.

We co-catnapped and used the bassinet for changes. It was nice and handy for diaper time.
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I didn't, but thats only because the beds in teh hospital kinda scared me. THey weren't up against a wall, they were small, the side rails with holes in them, it all just didn't feel right to me, I wasn't comfortable myself in there, in that bed.

So he slept in the bassinet thingy right beside my bed til we went home, tehn in our bed he went!
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It wasn't allowed in the military hospital I had my DD in 10 years ago. I did it anyway and just let the nurses scream at me and I'd put her back in the bassinet till they left.

At the hospital I gave birth in last week, no one ever said anything to me about keeping the baby in bed with me. One nurse even brought me extra pillows.
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Originally Posted by malibusunny View Post
For those who had a hospital birth, were you allowed to co-sleep?
Dunno. I just did it, never asked for permission. Gave stink eye to anyone who attempted to question it and they shut up fast.
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It is *not* at all allowed at the hospital my son was born at. My lactation consultant told me that a woman who delivered at the same time as I did fell asleep nursing her baby and the nurses came in and told her "if you do that gain we will have to call CPS".

My son was transfered to an NICU and before we could bring him home we had to room in with him and we were told that we were not under any circumstances allowed to put him in our bed. They also made us sign a paper saying that they had told us that we should not do it when we came home.
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I slept with DS in the hospital bed. Nobody said anything, but I overheard a few staff members snarking about it. Too bad. Nurses have an obligation to respect their client's culture, doing otherwise is dehumanizing for the patient.

As a nurse, when I have seen this in the clinical setting I mentally filed it under mother/baby bonding as a positive sign.
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Originally Posted by malibusunny View Post
For those who had a hospital birth, were you allowed to co-sleep?
I did, not knowing that I wasn't supposed to. DS kept whining at night and I felt sooo bad. After getting him out of his bassinett (I had a c/s) and finally made it onto my side, I nursed him to sleep and we both had a great night. The nurse almost got a heart attack when she saw both of us lying in bed all nuggled up but she didn't try to take him away from me or anything and I did it over and over again, nobody said anything again.
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Yes with all three. One hospital gave me a hard time and told me it was against policy. I did it anyway. Two hospitals didn't care at all, one of them commended me for it.
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first, let me qualify that i'm not a good patient. i have set ideas and have done the research to back them up...

the only one i didn't sleep with was charissa, and that's because she was under the photo-lights for several days. anytime she was sleeping, she was receiving treatment, and i was watching.

with my youngest (i have four) i already had my routine down. i remember one nurse saying, "we discourage having the baby sleep in the mother's bed." i answered, "that's nice. duly noted."

the only time i allowed mine out of my sight was for tests that absolutely had to be conducted elsewhere. i remember when they kept rae for an hour longer, thinking they would let me rest...the nurse then brought her into my room and laid her in the bed while i was sleeping. said she wouldn't sleep for them, but seemed to sleep just fine in MY bed.

i also made certain that i put BIG signs all over the baby's bassinet YELLING just about that there was to be no formula, no pacifiers, no sugar-water.
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The hospital I transferred to was sort of passive-aggressive about cosleeping. Several nurses told me I wasn't allowed to cosleep, but then they put the baby in bed with me. I would have slept with him anyway, and pretended to be nursing him or awake if need be, but after warning me not to cosleep, no one actually stopped me from doing it. It was like they just had to cover their bases (or avoid lawsuits) by stating their policy.

It's my first baby, and I was a little nervous sleeping with him, and as PPs have said, you don't sleep much in a hospital anyway. So I was sort of keeping one eye on him and trying to arrange myself very carefully not to obstruct his breathing or crush him or whatever. One nurse came in early on and walked right up to the bed and said, "Oh, no, that's not right," and reached down. I was afraid she was taking him away, but instead she scooted him right up close to me and pulled my arm over to snuggle with him! After that, I was much less nervous, both about cosleeping and about being chastised for it.

Funny thing: We were looking for blankets for DS, and we searched all the cabinets in the room with no success. We asked one of the nurses, and they said, "There are some under his cradle." His what now? Oh! That plastic-y thing! I had so totally ignored it that I had no idea it was to sleep in. I thought it was just to do tests in. It looked so hard and sterile and sad.
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Yes, I essentially co-slept in the hospital...even though at that point, I had had no intention of having the baby in bed with me.

I had an emergency c-section, due to pre-eclampsia, and during/after the surgery, my blood pressure skyrocketed to 190/??...so I was put on a magnesium sulfate drip to prevent seizures. Due to the m.s. numbing my whole body, I wasn't allowed/able to get out of the bed, but I was determined to exclusively breastfeed. So I kept the bassinet pulled right up next to my bed, but still had a difficult time getting my daughter in and out of it.

After the first day of buzzing for a nurse every hour or so to give me my daughter so I could nurse her, I ended up just keeping her in bed with me. Amazingly enough, my blood pressure dropped like you wouldn't believe after that, and they were able to stop the m.s. drip, though they kept me for a few more days to make sure my b.p. didn't go back up.

This time around, if I can't convince DH to have a homebirth, I'll just keep the baby in bed with me round the clock anyway - and if the nurses have a problem with it, well, they can release me from the hospital! :
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I guess I never felt the need to ask permission but then again, I'm also the one who took off the monitoring belts and got up and walked around without "asking."

That being said, besides one dr everyone was very supportive. My little guy decided to arrive early and had a hard time keeping a good body temp. Everyone (nurses and doctors) suggested skin to skin contact to maintain his temp so he didn't have to go in a warmer thing. So yeah, he lived on me the entire time.

Go ahead, it is your baby, not theirs.
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my ds was born at 33 weeks and was in the nicu for a month. We were allowed to cosleep once he was stable enough to be out of his incubater...
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I didn't ask for permission, because it's really not their business how I choose to sleep with my kids. I definitely wasn't going to put my kids in a cold, hard bassinet the first night on earth when all she's ever known is to be held by me. However, I didn't sleep much either time.
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I had my 1st in the hospital and we did.
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