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How Many of you used cpf on a newborn?

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Me and my Dh are going to start trying again next month so I want to get an idea of what to use on a newborn. never cloth diapered a newborn I plan on breastfeeding this baby intil a year or so I only breastfed Kimberly for two weeks because I couldnt take the sore nipples this time around I have these great message boards for support. anyways with Kimberly I had blow outs out the back and leg gassets of the sposies. so My question is will chinese prefolds hold the breastfed poop in?
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They do ok I used 4x6x4's and I had an 8 pounder. I had 10 Kisssaluvs size 0 these were the best imo for blowouts. I snappied the prefolds and the closer you get the snappi to the legs the better otherwise they kind of gap. I used prefolds with proraps and Kissaluvs with Bumpy covers. HTH
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- we did and didn't have problems. When they are first home they only do these tiny little squirts. It took about 3 weeks before I'd say that there were truly 'messy' diapers, but we always secured with diaper pins or a snappi fastener, making sure the legs were snug and at the waist. My favorite covers are Bummis Whisper Pants and we've only had 1 poop get past them and Kenny is 6 1/2 months old!
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I started using cloth when my son was almost 4 weeks, mainly because I didn't want to buy a newborn system to only use for a few weeks and I had lots of free sposies with the umbilical notch.

So at 4 weeks my son was about 8 lbs 7 ounces and I used the green stitched cpfs folded in a small prowrap. For me they contained everything as long as I made a poop pocket near his butt.
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I have often wondered about cpfs and newborns myself. We had many many blowouts with sposies, I tell you, knees to neck. I'm sure the majority of babies do only little squirts for the first month, but my bean was one of these that enjoyed saving up for a couple days, then treating mommy to a gigantic mudslide. I will definitely be using kissaluvs; but I second Heather's recommendation of the whisper pants. DD did a horrible nasty big one at church today, but nothing on her clothes; in fact, the bikini twist held the poop in so well that none even got on the cover. I will definitely be doing that fold on a newborn one day, lol!
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We did and were very happy. DS was 8lbs 2oz at birth so he wasn't a teenie weenie baby but we used a snappi'd infant size UBPF in the newspaper fold with newborn sized ProRaps. It was pretty bulky at first but he grew sooo quickly that he was fitting well in no time. No complaints!

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I used cpfs and wraps on my first and had lots of blow-outs- but less than the disposables we used the first week. I don't think they'd have blown out if I'd known about a snappi- we were not good at pinning back then. I also think they make wraps better now.
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I used CPF's at first but they were always wet. I would have had to change that kid ever 10 minutes to keep him dry. So I cheated and used disposables (shhhh dont tell anyone!) until he was big enough to fit into his Fuzzi Bunz.
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I really like cpf because I like to use pins. IME, I can get a much trimmer fit than even a regular disposie. But alas, Kissaluvs have the cute factor and I had 27sz 0 that I LOVED!!! I used 4 ME rikki wraps and NEVER had a single poopy blow out.
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We didn't have blowouts with our CPFs either. Funny story, for my first dd's blessing at church we got her all dressed up in her lacy, silky white dress and I put a disposable on her because I was new to the diapering as she was only 6 weeks old or so and I believed all the lies about the disposies being better against leaks. Well, right after her blessing (at least it was after!) she blew poop out of the back and legs of that darn disposie. Never happened with cloth and that is when I became a cloth addict. lol
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Wouldn't have done it any other way We did have a few blowouts after DH put a diaper on, he never got the hang of how to get a good snug fit around the legs. I think you should go for it, there is nothing cuter If you really struggle with the BF poopie blow-outs get some fitteds!
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I used the newborn cpf and prowraps. No blowouts onto clothing, but I sure was washing the prowraps alot. The leg gussets DID catch the blowouts and protected the clothing, but then I had to wash the cover. I was obsessive about it too. Couldn't just throw it in the wash, had to hand wash and scrub the breastmilk stain off of the bindings because just a toss in the wash wouldn't get the stain off. If I didn't have 14 prowraps, I would have NEVER stopped washing covers.
That said, if I had it to do all over again, I would have gotten one of the lower priced fitteds for my newborn. It would have been cozier for my ds, AND it would have been less work for me because not only would the clothing be safe from poop, the cover would have been as well.
Kissaluvs would never work now that ds is older and pees a ton, but back then I could have used 2 or 3 dozen. Not very practical if $$$ is an issue though. However, you could always use them(with a thin fleece insert to keep from staining too badly-good for re-sale value)and then sell them on the trading post here and get back half your money and switch to another system that works for your babe at an older age. At least you would have part of the money to re-buy dipes the next size And if you switched to prefolds and wraps, the selling of all of those fitteds would probably pay for most of your cpf's!
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Great thread! Two more questions, please:

How many infant-sized prefolds did you need/like before you switched to a larger size?

4x8x4s are probably way too bulky in the early weeks. About when would you say you could comfortably start using them?
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Ella has been in cloth since birth and never even had a sposie touch her butt--i love saying that We used preemie pf's until she was about a month old and switched to the infant 4x8x4. They were bulky at first but not to bad. I had 2 dz. preemie and 2 dz. infant pf's and she outgrew the infant ones right at 4 mos. But she's a monster!! I still use both to stuff aio's after she wets the soaker pad. So, not a bad investment.
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I did I did! I used infant sized CPF's and some Bummis nb SWWs and loved it!! My only regret was that I didn't have more!

eta -I pinned the prefolds, didn't have bf blowout problems all together (poo escaping the cover. )
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We did very well with cpfs and proraps, too. No bf poop made it out. I wasn't too worried about staining. A few minutes in the sun and the covers were like new. Somehow I managed with only a dozen preemie cpfs and a few covers. I had infant size cpfs and small covers (as opposed to newborn) for emergency use. We washed diapers everyday.

Marie...Mom to Desmond
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