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Belated birth announcement

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I gave birth on 8/14/07 to a baby girl! 7 lbs, 10 oz. I left work at 9:30 a.m because the contractions were about 4 min apart. When I arrived at the hopital at 10:30 I was told I was 6cm dilated. The water broke at the hopital at 11:00 during a contraction and I delivered at 1:00pm. It was very quick but very painful.

I won't be posting for a while because I am feeling overwhelmed in learning how to cope with two kids, and am feeling sad about the special bond I am now losing with my firstborn. Hopefully this will pass as the postpartum hormones dissipate.
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I hope you settle into a new routine quickly.
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Congratulations and I'm sure you'll be feeling better soon!
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Congrats. Thanks for giving us the updates. I will add you to the welcome thread. Please let me know (via PM) any additional info you want added). Rest well and enjoy your sweet girl
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Congratulations, and take good care of yourself as you adjust. Do you have some help and support?
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And the special bond with your firstborn doesn't disappear. Its still there. It just is a bit different now. You'll adjust just fine I'm sure!

I was shocked and pretty sad after I had my 2nd because I didn't immediately feel the 'same' kind of love that I felt for my son who was 1.5. What I realized is that I DID love my new baby very much, I just didn't KNOW him very well yet. That kind of bond and relationship takes time to build, it doesn't just magically happen the minute you see that positive test, or even the minute you give birth. Heck, for me the whole bonding process took a few weeks until I felt that 'gaga over the moon' feeling. Hormones are harsh sometimes.
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congrats! I can relate to having a difficult adjustment after the second baby. Give yourself time..... it will get better!!

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And I have to confess that I'm wondering the same thing about how I'll feel and missing the relationship I have now with my dd.

I keep telling myself that a sibling is a gift and the bond between them will last maybe even longer than the bond between myself and my children. (hopefully they both outlive me)

Give yourself some time, and don't be afraid to post your concerns here - I think it will help all of us to not feel so alone.
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Congratulations on the new baby and on the transition to two kids! As I'm listening to my girls play in the background, as they are almost constantly playing together, just want to share that the best present I ever gave my firstborn was her sister Hope you feel better soon!
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Congrats! Good luck finding your family's new groove.
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i feel your pain over the first child thing... i feel like i am yelling at him constantly and it is b/c i cant give him the intense attention that he had before! anyhow congrats!
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