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My silly DH

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For background info - Salem only goes into disposables once a week for 3 hours when she is at a sitter or when we are out of town more than a day or so. So it doesn't happen often.

Anyway my DH got up with Salem this morning around 7 and decided to take her to the pastor's breakfast/meeting so I could sleep in. He had her in an AIO and took a snug to fit in case he needed to change her. Well she had a bad poopy dipe so he did change her but had forgotten the cover to the snug to fit. So she peed and it was REAL wet in the front (I usually put an extra double in these and he forgets) and some on her dress. So he didn't know what to do cause he only brought one extra dipe. So the church secretary ran to the nursery and brought back a couple of sposies.

So he brings her home for me to get her and me ready for regular church and I change her diaper and she has BOTH disposables on. I asked him why? And he said well her butt looked so tiny in that diaper that I didn't think one could hold it if she had another bad poop!

I fell over laughing!
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Wow! I really LOL at that one!
GReat post- thanks for sharing.
(BTW, sounds like something my husband would do)

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Man O Man that is funny!!!
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Oh that is too funny!! LOL
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That is so cute!!!!

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That's a great story!
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Oh my gosh!!! :LOL :LOL :LOL
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That's a cute story!
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Now that is a great story! And it's so true...after seeing those cloth diapered bums, all big and bubbly, the sposies just look so odd...like, how can they hold anything?!?!
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Too Funny :LOL and too Cute
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I have already journalled it in Salem's baby book!
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