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I don't think anyone's mentioned this reason yet:

Because with a wiggly toddler it's enough of a struggle just to get a new diaper on him before he runs off!
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pretty much all the reasons above. we go coverless whenever we're at home, and when we're out, too, on hot hot days. Cooler, less hassle, and Pee isn't "gross" or anything. I have had ds get out of his diaper (he's crafty that way) and pee in the house- i just clean it up real quick. I like ds to be changed as soon as he's wet, and now he says "uh-oh" when he pees! he's only 11 months old.

Plus, the cute diapers...

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To address the leak issue - I do have some diapers that I don't put on him when we are coverless at home, because they are prone to leakage. These I use under a cover when we go out. At home, I use thick fitteds that fit him well around the legs. I've never had a problem with anything leaking out, except for the inevitable dampness in front (sometimes).

I put a cover on him the other night when we went out to dinner, and when we got home I took it off and it was really hot and steamy in there. It had to have been uncomfortable. It was a PUL, so wool might have been better but in this heat, I think the fewer layers the better.
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They all nailed it.... my son is 21 mos, and has had solid poopies for a long time. We never have poop leaks, and he doesn't take off the dirty dipe and play in it (we have friends kids who have done this). He will take off a wet diaper himself though (I don't mind this.. saves me the struggle!). I can tell when he pees and I just change it. Takes the guesswork out of diapering.

It's one less step with fitteds.. no cover=a few less mins of wiggling/protesting.
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