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Need opinions..

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I don't know if this is allowed in this forum(or mdc in general) b/c this is a new forum etc etc. So Mods if this isn't allowed please deleted it :LOL

I was thinking of opening my own web based business selling cloth diapering supplies(windpro etc like the OSDS) Since I started buying and making my own diapers I"m finding it increasingly hard to find the colors of certain materials that I want at good prices. My reasoning for opening would be that Malden Mills only sells windpro by the roll, not by the yard, so I"d have to buy in bulk to get the colors I want, and I do NOT need a whole roll of yellow windpro :LOL I"ve also found a supplier for wool flannel and wool jersey(those are also fabrics I've had a time finding) Is there a need for another diapering supply site, or are the OSDS and sewshoppe suffecient? (I wouldn't be opening to give iether competition, but would keep myprices about the same and try to carry colors etc that they usually didn't have kind of as an alternative source for materials) I am asking for opinions b/c I don't want to invest in something that might flop b/c there are already sources for diaper supplies and with cloth diapering being a fairly small market there isn't much more than the mammas at this board(and other diapering boards) that would buy. I have the resources to start up, definitely have the space in my house to do it, I have the time..I just don't know if there's a need for it(when I could easily do a co-op and probably get the colors I want lol) Any input would be appreciated

Oh, and I had another brainstorm...I fell in love with this embroidery machine and am going to purchase it, would a custom embroidery business be a better idea?(to help offset what I'm going to be paying for the machine :LOL)
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Hi! Here's my 2 cents...... For me (as a wahm) I have to get my fabrics for as little $ as possible, or it ABSOLUTLY doesn't pay (as many wahms can attest to, you barely make money as it is). I don't shop at OSDS only because the prices are higher than I can get either wholesale or through a coop. If you're trying to sell to wahms, I don't think it would work, unless you ran coops. However, I think if you're trying to sell to the Sally Schmo who's just making a few diapers, it is a GREAT idea!!! I know WP is very hard to get in great colors unless you go w/a coop, and even then you end up waiting forever, etc. Some other things to sell might be hemp, and like you said, wool.

Okay, that's my take. HTH. Feel free to disagree :LOL
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It is fine to talk about where to find fabrics etc for your business on this board. If you do decide to go forward and start a co-op, please post any co-op info at the MDC co-op forum instead of here.
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well, I figured "if" I went through with the store thing, that I'd set up wholesale acct's for the WAHM's...I'd just have to figure out the pricing. The last windpro co-op I saw charged more per yard than what I'd pay wholesale from MM if I got a tax id and set up a store, the only hesitation I have is what if I buy a million yards of windpro and can't sell it, then I"m stuck with it lol if I did windpro, and paid wholesale I could more than likely sell to the wahm's for less than co-op pricing but still turn a small profit(and I"m talking small, like 50 cents to 1.00 a yard, if that) I guess my idea was born out of frustration in finding the colors I want for less than the 14-16.00 that I"ve seen online. If only MM sold windpro by the yard, they'd make a killing!!!
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this may help...

5lbs of malden mills fleece for $19.95

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I "think" I might have stumbled across that lol the only catchis ou don't know what colors you'll get lol But I might hafta do it just b/c lol Thanks
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I totally agree with Amy about the cost of fabric. I don't purchase anything for my business at retail prices, literally. I do think that there is room for some competition, especially if you are planning on carrying different colors/types of supplies than other sites.

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LaLa, that was Malden Mills 200 Series, not WP

I'd be all over wahm priced WP!!!
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Hmmm, malden mills does sell windpro buy the yard at their stores, I don't really know about online. It's still runs 14.99 for odd colors, up to 20.99 per yard at their store, so it's still is expensive. If you buy by the roll, you do save, as it's cheaper per yard then. I agree, that as a wahm, I don't shop the diaper supply stores, I have to get the best price on fabrics, so usually shop thru co ops, etc. I think if your prices are comparible to the other supply stores, you should do just fine. I have browsed the other stores from time to time, and quite often they seem to be out of products, or are ill and not taking orders as frequently etc.
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With a tax id and wholesale acct. with MM it's much cheaper than on their site, esp. if you buy by the roll. I am still scratching my head on this one. I think I'll get my tax id(only costs 20.00) and start slowly. Maybe start with a co-op to get a customer base and then go from there. I am currently waiting on samples from the wool supplier, I am really excited about this, I talked to one of their sales representatives Thurs. and they're sending me samples of all of their wool flannel and wool jersey(I specifically requested natural undyed b/c I want to hand dye it ) I guess I just really want to DO something with my time spent at home, the kids are in mother's day out 2 days a week, and I do nothing lol If I could do something I enjoy{read spend money} and make a small profit doing it then I'd be happy lol I don't want to become rich lol I just know how frustrated I have become trying to find the right colors of windpro and started looking into bulk ordering, and then started looking at other products and it just went from there. I figure I'll try it, and if I fail, I can always e-bay the fabric, or wholesale it to a WAHM for what I paid wholesale from MM(right?)
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methinks that selling hand-dyed yardages of wool would be quite nicely profitable
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You'd probably do well selling to hobbyists rather than wahms. I buy large quantities of fabrics directly from the manufacturers when it's time for me to buy. The only fabrics I buy 5-10 yds of are 'trendy' fabrics like seasonals or funky MM prints that I only want to carry for a few months. I buy windpro colors from coops so I can get the smaller yardages without having to special order a roll.

I do need wool though, and haven't found a consistent source. You can start by selling to me. PM me if you have some to sell, with info.
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