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Diaper Garden vs Zolo Sling

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I recently discovered ZoloWear Slings, and I really want one. My PayPal account will have enough for me to get one of the cotton ones soon, but that means I wouldn't have anything left for the July Diaper Garden - if there ever is a July Diaper Garden! I probably don't need any more covers, but if the next garden has another sherpa Firefly and I don't get it, I'm going to kick myself.

If I get a sling instead of Fuz, will you guys revoke my hyena status and not let me post here anymore? :
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I, personally, think that is too much for a sling. I'd go for the Fuz :LOL
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Those slings are very pretty and the pocket is a great idea. Get whatever you like and you'll still be a
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HOLY CRAP!! $150 FOR A SLING??!! I thought i paid a lot for my "color grown" maya. I would hold out and see what's growin' in the garden first.
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I would also hold out for the diaper garden. You can always order the sling after that if you don't care for the garden.
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Abigail, I am hoping against hope that the Garden will be up tomorrow. I would wait and see what it is before getting the sling.
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I was looking lower at the $75 slings on the page (still more than I'd pay- but they are pretty)... everyone else is right... you can always get a sling, but not always a diaper garden.
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I would go with the zolo, they are great. If you keep your eye on the clearance page, you can usually get a cotton one for around $50. The diaper garden is quite a toss up, though. Go for the Zolo.
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That zolowear sling matches my petunia picklebottom diaper bag perfectly. In my dreams, I wear them together. In real life, I just can't do it. Can you imagine your kid spitting up on your silky gorgeous sling? $150??? My kid always drools/spits up on my sling. Just between you and me, I sometimes use the tail to wipe itup. So, yeah, that's not gonna happen.

xoxo pam
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I'm not getting one of the $150 silk ones! I wouldn't want to wear it. I'm sure it feels great to wear though. Definitely the $75 for me! (Or $50! Thanks for the tip about clearance! )

Yeah, there's no way I can spend my PayPal without knowing what the Diaper Garden holds. I'm just itching to know! It's killin' me!

Where's the nail-biting smiley?
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Originally posted by pamelamama
My kid always drools/spits up on my sling. Just between you and me, I sometimes use the tail to wipe itup. So, yeah, that's not gonna happen.
I'm glad I'm not the only one to do that, lol. I use it to wipe everything and I've been known to use my Maya Wrap as a blanket on the ground too.
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I would go with whichever one you need more and will get more use out of.
Sounds like you really need and want the sling, so I'd buy that if I were you.
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Hello, my name is Jessica, and I'm a baby carrier addict! ( I have 13 currently)

I have the Zolowear sling, and it is like no other sling. It is ridiculously comfortable, and it stays positioned better than any other sling I have ever had (it makes the Maya seem quite pale in comparison, because the shoulder placement is so very smart). I use it easily with a tired three year, as well as well a wiggly 14 month old.

I cannot recommend it highly enough. I love carriers, and I love to use them, but if I could only have two carriers, I would always have the Zolo, and an adjustable fleece pouch from Kangaroo Korner.

With those two, I can carry any sort of small child, anywhere!

And I have the red silk dragon one. It's completely yummy! And it's washable. It actually gets softer and more gorgeous after a spin in the machine. So bring on the drooling babies!
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Jessica! I thought I was bad. I have five right now: Didymos, Maya Wrap, Maya Pouch, Kangaroo Korner Pouch and OTSBH. I had an Ergo, but I just sold it because it didn't fit me right. Oh, and we just bought a Kelty Back Country, but that's mostly for DH, who seems to be sling impaired.

I keep hearing how wonderful the Zolo is. Even Kangaroo Korner recommends it, and they don't even sell it! Do you think the cotton would work as well as the silk? I actually don't really want that busy of a pattern. I do love the way silk feels, though.

What 13 do you have??
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Sorry, double post.
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Wow- sling hyenas! LOL I have one great but well-worn blue/green/aqua cotton one like a Maya wrap that I've had for almost 5 years and an OTSBH that was too bulky (I'm not a big person) so I gave it away...
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Drumroll please...

I have :

1) Maya Wrap
2) Baby Trekker
3) ERGO Baby Carrier
4) Baby Bjorn
5) Hug A Bub
6) Hotsling
7) Sutemi Pack
8) ZoloWear
9)CozyBabySling Company Adjustable Fleece Pouch
10) KK Adjustable Pouch (in black)
11) KK Adjustable Fleece Pouch (in cream)
12) Prince Lionheart Baby sling (though, it's a stretch to call it a sling, since it's just about impossible to use)
13) Hiphugger

And my DH claims ownership of a Trailtech backpack, so there are 14 carriers that reside here.

I have a problem. I just don't have anywhere to go for help!

Abigail, I have heard that the cotton is fabulous as well for the Zolo, and lots of people arereally, really happy with it. It's the design of the ring placement/shoulder that makes it so fabulous. The material is secondary, in my opinion.

I am so not a pattern girl. I live my life in solids, avoiding patterns, but the red silk called to me, and I had to. I just had to.

I just have to be more careful with what I wear...because that could hurt your eyes if paired with the wrong outfit! LOL!
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Wow! How do you like the Sutemi? I was considering that one instead of a frame pack, but I thought the frame pack would be cooler for DH, since it keeps the babe up and off of you. Also, the crossed straps in the front looked like it would do something very weird to my giant nursing boobs.

I'm defintely a sling hyena! I just try to resist.. and sometimes succeed! :bf + = ??

I just have to be more careful with what I wear...because that could hurt your eyes if paired with the wrong outfit! LOL!
This is actually one of the main reasons against the silk for me. I can hardly think about what clothes match each other, let alone what clothes match my sling.
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I'm neutral on the Sutemi. I am sending it back to get the straps shortened, because even as tight as it can go, it pulls on me, because it can't get tight enough. I'm tall and thin, but I have a long torso, and it just doesn't work for me yet. My final verdict will be after the straps are shortened. I like it it right now, but I'll know if it's better than the Ergo after it's fixed, lengthwise.

It is exceedingly well made, and as soft as butter. I'd like to take a nap in the fabric. It is easy to get on, but no easier than the Ergo. The back carry takes practice to get into....

The straps do cross in front. I an imagine it being a problem if I had much of a chest at all, but since the girls don't have much oomph, it's not an issue for me! DH was teasing me that I looked like something of of Star Trek, though, because the fabric kind of turns at the shoulders, and they look like outerspace shoulder pads.....I also think that problem will resolve with shorter straps....

As far as the Zolo matching, I've taken up the habit of black tees and jeans on Zolo days! Works just fine for me! As long as I remember prior to leaving! LOL!
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I think I read your review of the Sutemi on the Baby Bargains Book forum!

I'll bet your Zolo looks striking against a black tee. I just don't have enough black tees for that.
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