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Yes, I'd totally post on a sling board too!


P.S. Abigail - I go to the Monday group. Maybe I'll see you there!
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Yeah, a sling board. I would love to see more chats on babywearing!!!
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This thread made me add another sling to my collection. I was torn between a Zolo or a Pea in a Pod Pouch I got a pouch (I already have the KK fleece one). I was worried (based on the KK site) that the Zolo wouldn't work for me because I'm under 5' 2".

Anyway, so far so good on the new pouch. It's very comfy, all natural (hemp fleece) and not nearly as warm as the poly KK fleece one (which I still like). If I were to get just one pouch (I also have the New Native), it would be this one!

EDITED TO TAKE OUT THE SLIPPAGE COMMENT SINCE IT'S INCORRECT! Sorry for starrting a false rumor! :ignore
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I have never heard of ring slippage with a Zolo, and even after using Downy advanced on my cotton one, I've had no troubles...

Is that on the KK site? I'll go look. I had slippage issues with the Maya, but never with a Zolo, nor with the Solarveil KK sling.....

edited to add* I see a note on the KK Site about slippage with a KissaSling, but not with a Zolo....

I know on another board I hang out on, I posted questions about the silk slipping before I got it, but I was assured that wouldn't happen, and they were right....

Geez...I hope I didn't start a Zolo rumor that's not true! It's not true! It's not true!
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One of the sling groups I'm on (Yahoo! Babywearing group) had a discussion about slippage. Most people felt the Zolo didn't slip -- I don't notice any slippage in mine either. My Maya definitely slips more. Basically, it comes down to the combination of fabric and rings. Metal rings are slick, so if the fabric used is slippery, then the sling would tend to slip. The cotton and silk used in the Zolo slings, and also the Solarveil fabric, grip onto themselves well, so they don't slip with the metal rings.

BTW, the Solarveil KK sling is made with smaller diameter nylon rings; the smaller diameter also help decrease the possibility of slippage (more fabric is contained in the rings). However, I had problems adjusting the sling (I guess I'm used to big metal rings!) and getting it comfortable on my shoulder, so I exchanged it.

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This is turning into a sling discussion board right here...

I hear you on the Solarveil, but you know what I did? I had mine made (since mine was the first one...I sent her fabric to make me one, and she liked how it turned out, she ordered more fabric, so voila, Solarveil slings at KK), and I had the shoulder lightly padded. I've found that really helps with placement, use, because it gives the sling just enough support, without bulk, to be stable on the shoulder, which is part of the reason I rave about my Zolo...it's all about the way the shoulder fits......

I didn't realize the shoulders weren't being padded routinely on the KK slings until about a month ago. I find I really, really like mine the way it is, with the light padding.....
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Hey Mizelenius!! Another shortie!! I'm all of 4'10" and i have a really hard time with slings. I want to love my color grown maya soooo much, but to be honest its a PITA. I would rather carry her than have to fool with it. I just want something thats easy and doesnt dislocate my shoulder or have me walking sideways. Is that so hard??!!
Hey have you guys seen Tabitha's slings at www.tootsweet.com ? She has a chinese and a korean, and a couple others too--great fabrics! And they didnt seem too expensive.
Any other shorties out there have a favorite sling??
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I saw Tabitha's slings and I really want a chinese silk one... I'm trying to decide between it and an Ergo carrier http://www.kangarookorner.com/k_shop_misc_carrier.shtml

Which would you go for? Ergo looks pretty useful and sturdy, but that silk sling is gorgeous! *sigh* I'm thinking maybe get the ergo, then save up for a silk one later
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Ok you sold me. I bought the pea in the pod one:
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Originally posted by gaiamom
Ok you sold me. I bought the pea in the pod one:
In the time I hit "refresh" you got one! I hope you like it!
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Cathy, I'll see you there, if I can get a date set up with Elizabeth!

Wow, I guess I'm not the only sling-a-holic here, eh?

Happy slinging everyone!
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Oh Lea, I had an Ergo, but I sold it. I am on the upper end of the fit range, and I could get it on, but it just wasn't comfortable. I found that I wasn't using it. I know they changed the design so it is supposed to fit larger people better now, but I keep hoping that maybe they'd make more sizes.

That said, even with the poor fit, I could feel that it put most of DS' weight on my hips instead of my back, which is great. I think the Ergo is great product, if you're in the size range.
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oh ladies!

Why are you doing this to me. I really NEED a sling to hip-carry Ds. My padded one (NoJo) won't cut it, too much bulk. I am tempted by those taylormadetreasures. Anyone use it for a hip-carry? I had thought maya...but I like the batik ones better.

Lately it's stroller, which I dislike b/c he just sits there and seems not to get to see everything or carrying him and him struggling to walk (when it's not safe and won't hold hands anymore). I got a Tough Traveler and I just can't seem to get it comfy despite the grand reviews.
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I use a hip hammock and i love it.... very easy to use and no extra material...... it is hot here in the desert
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Another sling question- does the Zolo leave red marks on bare toddler legs in the hip carry? This is a problem with my current unpadded sling. I am deciding between the Zolo and Pea in Pod pouch, which has the extra back rail that is supposed to end red marks in the hip carry. I would prefer a traditional sling with rings if I can get rid of the red mark problem. Any insight, sling hyenas/gurus?

I need a good hip carry sling. The Hip Hammock didn't work for ds-he didn't like it- I think you have mine Christi LOL.
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It hasn't so far. The fabric isn't hemmed, so there's no ridge on the edge, if that makes sense. If you keep it folded over, it's pretty soft. I don't know if it's my favorite hip carry sling, though. I am awfully fond of my Kangaroo Korner pouches (fleece and cotton).
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Thanks for the info, Abigail. I ordered the Pea in Pod pouch from Mom and Me Creations. It looked a little softer with the added back rail.
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No problem, Monica, I hope you and your little one enjoy it.
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