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For me it was somewhat backwards because while I had an excellent prenatal care record, documented complications, etc, DS came after a short, hard labor, was VERY small for gestational age, and was having trouble feeding. Oh, and I was using Medicaid too. The questions they asked me were ridiculous. "Are you SURE you didn't smoke or use drugs?" Yes. "REALLY SURE?" Yes. "Would you mind if we tested?" Would I mind? Yes. Would I consent? Yes, because I had nothing to hide. But of course I'd be offended because my illness etc was documented and here they were making threats like I was some junkie.

Not that I think smoking pot is the same thing at all, in fact I considered it many times to relieve the never-ending nausea but I didn't have a ready supply and I didn't feel like getting some questionable street sourced drugs. But now I'm glad that it worked out that way because I know I would have been just as paranoid as you about getting caught, and in fact they probably would test me more readily than they would test you.

I would say that people go a lot by appearances and averages and such. If you say you're middle class with a good job and private insurance, I don't think anyone will look twice at you. We, while being a perfectly wholesome and educated couple, are looked on as scum because we hit some hard times due to our combined medical issues. This is a tangent but if you apply for Medicaid they assume you're basically worthless, they ask question after question (goes on for pages and pages) about do you at least have a friend's couch to sleep on, are you infested with roaches, and the "highest education level completed" option on their form is SOME college, having a college degree is not even ON their list, but every grade level from grades 4 and up are on there.

So... I say you're good.

I also second the suggestion that if you DID go with home birth that you could just show up and not mention anything about where you originally intended to give birth.
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Originally Posted by scaredmama3 View Post
Thank you Grace. I have seen a professional for these issues who only wanted to medicate me with drugs that have side effects much more severe than marijuana which didn't help nearly as much. Talking through my issues has done nothing to change my personality or anxiety levels. I am willing to live with them and force myself to cope for the sake of my child. I do wish I would have had the courage to do that sooner though.
A lot of times if you end up talking to the wrong person they do medicate... I would suggest talking to an LCSW not a psychiatrist (cuz all they want to do is give you drugs too, and I absolutely agree that those drugs can be far worse!). I hear you, I do, I just know it can take time to find the right person who can really help you work it out... I have a lot of faith in talk therapy if you find the right person. I just hate to think of you thinking you have to "live with it" (anxiety) because you didn't find the right person to help you the first time. I know how awful it is.

So, back to finding a solution... how about getting a doula to go with you to the hospital? She can set up an atmosphere of protecting the birth mother/ baby from unnecessary testing, period, and make you maybe feel a little better insulated against all of it. Have a birth plan that turns down the shots and all that, come on strong instead of scared, and I think they'll leave you alone.

I know I came on strong, and it wasn't an attempt to shame you in any way... but I know a lot of times people are in denial about potential drug problems. Doesn't sound like you are, so that's good I do wish you luck, and I don't think you have to worry, it sounds like they should just assume everything's alright from the get-go.

Good luck with the anxiety stuff, in the future, however you handle it... I know it's tough to deal with.
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I know this was not your question but I just want to urge you to find someone to talk to about your issues... if your anxiety issues are so bad you are self-medicating (especially using drugs or alcohol) I want to assure you that finding a decent therapist/ counselor can help you work THROUGH these issues and let them go, and be FREE of them.
I also wanted to urge you to get help and find legal ways to treat your anxiety. I think you need to be prepared for the fact that it may very well get much worse after your baby is born. I know that prior anxiety is a risk factor for postpartum anxiety/depression. I think being prepared for that possibilty is important, and finding legal ways to treat it/ a therapist or professional you can trust is very important now (before the baby gets here).

s mama. Just to ditto other posters, I have never heard of routine drug tests on mothers or infants in the hospital. Unless the baby shows signs of drug use during prengancy (ie. is a low birth weight, etc.) then I think it is pretty unlikely.
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Originally Posted by Grace24 View Post
how about getting a doula to go with you to the hospital? She can set up an atmosphere of protecting the birth mother/ baby from unnecessary testing, period, and make you maybe feel a little better insulated against all of it.
Big fat :
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This is going to sound completely paranoid (and I don't even smoke mj! ), but please remember that the internet is not anonymous. I think it is a bad idea to have this kind of confession down in writing in a public forum. Just in case something *were* to happen and they seized your computer for some reason, it would be easy for them to track down your posts here.

That said, as long as you don't let your baby out of your sight, you should be fine. Don't worry about appearing "guilty" by refusing testing if it is "offered" to you. It doesn't seem like something they should be able to do without consent or a court order, and I personally would go all the way to the Supreme Court to prevent "random" searches/testing. The only blood test your baby should need in the hospital (unless you are Rh-), is the PKU. This is a heal stick and the blood goes directly onto a piece of paper or white cardboard.

Lastly, I would recommend against going UC for this reason alone. If you aren't comfortable having an UC in other circumstances, you probably shouldn't do it just to avoid a slight possibility of drug testing. It just seems like it would be difficult for you to fully relax and be comfortable with your decision, if it were made under such stressful circumstances. Just my opinion. Of course is you were cool with UC all along, then by all means, go for it!
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Why would they test you? They don't just test all babies for drugs.
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Good point, Gottaknit.
Delete, darlin'. I'm sure MDC won't mind losing one thread for the sake of your wellbeing.

Remember that much research has shown that more damage is done to a fetus by stress than smoking (cigarettes, in the research). Low birth weight etc - if a mother is very stressed. Not that it helps your case because western maternal care does not focus on emotional well being, so it's up to you.

That said, the thousands of babies born daily mean that to test one family they have to have cause. I don't believe they randomly or routinely test for drugs, but I'm not American so I'm not entirely sure. At first, I thought you were targeted but re reading I realised you were just worried because you smoked. Have you heard of withdrawal paranoia? It can be very severe and last many weeks, affecting sleep, eating and anxiety levels. Be sure you have adequate zinc levels and B vits. You may be surprised by the number of women who smoke pot while pregnant. Most are quiet about it of course because of the legalities let alone the stigma while pregnant. Also a large number of women refuse testing and all other "protocol", so you won't stand out for that either, unless you are going to a small, country hospital.

I know that within three months it cannot be traced with a regular drug screen, my brother had to be regularly tested and he showed no trace after two months of quitting. I also know another person who smoked almost their whole life, stoned 24/7, and tested negative after quitting for an upcoming test - I think the test was 6 weeks after he quit. They say 3 months, but I think that is the outside, maximum to expect. Stay away from it is my suggestion, even second hand (if partner is smoking). Loss of weight can cause release of THC and other chemicals from storage (hence why some cleansing fasts can be psychedelic), so you have pregnancy on your side, where your body is holding fast to weight.
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I just want to reiterate - ZINC! and manganese. To help you with the low feelings after the birth. Also, babies low in zinc (ie, breastfed by mothers low in zinc) cry more and are basically irritable. So it becomes a cycle of depressed mother/screaming baby. ZINC! Maternal nutrition cannot be stressed enough, because it effects the demeanor of mama and babe. Apparently, in cultures that eat the placenta they strengthen their bodies with four months supply of zinc and have less emotional complications. Pot smokers have benefits but they also have deficits. It takes a lot of C and other vits/mins to clean up the smoke from the lungs and the carbon and so on. You are likely deficient, and pregnancy supplements don't always contain zinc and certain other ones that are quite necessary.
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Women have homebirths in Georgia every day. It is not illegal, it just ain't legal.
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Just to make you feel a little better. I work in a hospital in GA. We had a baby who both mom and baby tested positive for cocaine and mom admitted to "touching it once with the tips of her fingers....it MUST have gotten in er system that way!": Anyway, they were tested due to complications with the baby and moms history. So, baby was in NICU for a while to grow and learn to eat. CPS was involved, did a home study.....and baby went home with the parents. FWIW.....the person who said GA hospitals suck (I don't personally think so but whatever).....GA DFACS REALLLLLLLYYYYY SUCKS!!! Seriously, my mom is a foster mother and you wouldn't believe the situations they return kids to. SOooooo, even if they were to say anything to you or test the two of you.....I am sure you would be in the clear since they have 'more important' things to deal with.
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I know of two pregnant women who smoked (weed) during their pregnancies, one longer and more heavily than the other. One woman stopped at around 30 weeks, was tested, and tested clean. The other quit smoking a mere two weeks before her baby was born and she, too, tested clean. Both of these women were on medicaid, which is why their babies were tested.

I do believe that they can only test the mother, at least in indiana, and that if the test comes up positive, a home study, or something similar will be conducted before CPS takes any action against the mother.

i hope this is at least in some way comforting. both of those mamas were worried that their babies would get taken away from them too. remember to drink plenty of water to flush your system, as well as baby's.
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i just wanted to add that i worked in a very large NICU, level 3, and we had a decent amount of babies that were born addicted to real drugs, like crack, heroin, etc.

anyway! we did NOT routinely check moms or babies for drugs. babies might be checked if something seems REALLY REALLY off with them. like babies coming off of crack/ cocaine, heroin, etc. have severely high pitched cries and they are jittery beyond belief. holding doesn't make it better, but large swining motions would calm them.

i DOUBT you or your baby would strike anyone as "odd" and therefore needed to perform a drug test on either of you. we NEVER had a baby in our NICU born addicted to pot. and if there ever was, i didn't know about it. they obviously do not have the same symptoms as truly drug addicted babies.

i would try not to stress about it. NO one is going to check the baby's meconium or your placenta for drugs. and as long as you don't show up high, i'm sure all will be fine

oh yeah, AND i wanted to tell you that a lot of our babies that were born addicted to drugs DID end up going home with their mothers. CPS might have gotten involved while they were in the NICU, but as long as the moms were making steps in the right direction they let the babies go home with them.
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I don't know where in Georgia you are, but would delivering at the Farm in Tennessee be an option for you? It's in Summertown, which is kind of south-central TN. It might be worth a call...
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Please take a deep breath

I know women in GA who have had midwife-attended homebirths Definitely try to find a midwife. Even this late in the game it would be worth it to ease your worry. From what I understand, if you had to transfer, the legality just means that your midwife cannot attend you to the hospital (like a midwife in WA - where I am can). It's pretty much a drop at the door type of thing (mamas in GA please correct me if I'm wrong about that).

There's no reason for the hospital to test your baby. They would be much more likely to test you and if it's been at least a month since you last smoked at the time you give birth then you'll test clean. You could test clean as early as 2 weeks from the last time you smoked, but after a month it's virtually guaranteed. Drink a ton of water (which you should be doing anyhow) and that'll help flush it out as well.

I think you'll be fine and I also have yet to find anything showing that cannabis use during pregnancy harms babies so don't worry about your babe either. Focus on making it through the rest of your pregnancy and maybe searching for a midwife.

love and peace.
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Originally Posted by scaredmama3 View Post
God, I just really hate this country.
Then move. Simple as that. Make the plans and move to a country that better fits your life style and choices.

I'm not trying to be snarky here, but if you hate living somewhere, it makes a lot of sense to create a plan to make your situation better. Ie research immigration requirements, save for the move, get jobs, etc.
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Oh, and FYI KleenPee works. I don't know how safe it is in pregnancy, but I know from professional experience with clients that it works.
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I think when someone says they hate their country, particularly America recently, it is just a few things about it, not the whole country. It's like "God I hate America" when they mean, "God I hate the tyranny of the CPS and the Bush administration and our health system" or whatever. Big issues that affect family life but not big enough to move, usually. Moving countries is a massive undertaking esp when you have family and friends where you live. I know this, cos my husband is American. He made that move and it isn't easy, and it isn't legal either unless you marry into the country, which is similar for many other countries. She's upset, and rightly so (the slobbering, intrusive laws can be frustrating at times). Moving just isn't as "simple as that".
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I wanted to send ((((HUGS)))) and say how I am happy you have gotten support here.

I wanted to also say that forget the drugs, the reason why you medicate is an issue...... keep going to see people till you find someone who can get this stuff out of you. You have issues. I have them too. They will not go away or be ignored. I spent 2 years in a house not able to leave. I smoke. I make no excuse for it. I am sick! I am pregnant and still I will have a smoke now and then and I hide it. I am ashamed. I think it is worse the mj but I WILL NOT do some illegal and risk my family, though I have friends, people in high jobs with lots of money, who do it. The mother judged me for smoking and I just about cracked as at least CPS will not com after me for it. My biggest fear by the way.

I am still looking for that person who can help me heal so I stop breaking down and feeling like I "need" a smoke. I will keep looking and I will keep fighting, but I will not think I am ok, because I am not. I need help.

I think you do too..... all this guilt can not help either of us, just another part of it all. I hope you find someone. I hope I do too.

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Originally Posted by intorainbowz View Post
Then move. Simple as that. Make the plans and move to a country that better fits your life style and choices.

I'm not trying to be snarky here, but if you hate living somewhere, it makes a lot of sense to create a plan to make your situation better. Ie research immigration requirements, save for the move, get jobs, etc.
Well, I love what this country was founded on, but I hate what it's turned into. I do love the country enough to stay and fight to try to get it back to its roots. I don't want to give up on this country, even though it does seem a little hopeless to get back to the point where we were when it was founded.
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I'm glad you're getting support here!

I just wanted to ask... why is being on medicaid cause to test the baby for drugs? That really seems like discrimination to me.
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