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How would you feel if...

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a wahm contacted you based on a review that you left here on the boards? I emailed her about my problem and never got an answer. I truly believe that it was a total fluke as she emails me back very quickly now. However I was shocked that I recieved an email..especially since she doesn't post here at MDC as far as I have seen. I just don't know what to think about this. I guess I'm just wondering how you would react? It just seems strange to me I guess..your thoughts?
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I would feel weird about it. I think free speech allows us to post honest reviews of our experiences with products. On diaper pin the reviews are more anonymous. I hadn't thought about this happening.
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Well it totally depends on the email.
You said you don't think she got your "problem" email so I would think she deserves to know what happened.

BUT that being said I personally don't think it is a good idea for wahm's to do this.

But even that being said, I did email one person one time. She was someone I "knew" from various boards who had a lot of diaper experiance. She left a neutral feedback basically saying she liked it but it didn't work. So I emailed asking for feedback regarding that. But only did so because I "knew" her and I knew I would be receiving constructive feedback.

I can say that one of the most disheartening things is seeing a negative review left on a review board when the customer did not even contact you regarding the item. It leaves many questions in the mind as to why and exactly what went wrong. But since you were not contacted you will never know that answer.

I'm not saying feel bad about leaving a neg. review. I think that all reviews should be left but I also think that we deserve to know why you were unhappy. Remember a lot of us put a lot of time and energy into the items you receive. It's not like buying the name brand factory made item where there is no thought going into something. This makes it more personal and just as the customer, you expect us to let you know what is going on, we hope you will do the same, even if you are not happy.

I sure hope that made sense. I would send her an email and simply say this is how I felt and this is why. If an improvement is needed this will most likely hep accomplish that.
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Sometimes you don't want to have to explain that you didn't like something, KWIM? If I want a return or an exchange, you can bet I'll ask for it. But sometimes, I just don't want to pursue a product or business further. If I want to throw my hands up in the air, say "Yuck!" and post a bad review, that should be a valid option, too.

I shouldn't feel like I'm opening myself up to have to defend my opinions in PMs if I post a review. MDC is a "safe" place.
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i agree, detergent diva. i think that its a little weird for a wahm to question someone who left a bad review, but if i had never heard anything from the person and then suddenly a bad review, i might want to know why?

its amazing, before i was the one making and sending things out, i never realized that wahms put so much *love* into everything they make.

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Ack!! My worst nightmare! I was terrified when i recently posted a negative review that the wahm would read it and be mad at me: And it wasnt personal, she seemed nice, the few times she actually emailed me back. But if she actually contacted me I wouldn't even know what to say. ".... I'm sorry, please forgive me, i hope i didn't ruin your business or your life boo hoo hoo."
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We knew that this would occasionally happen with regards to any negative reviews posted. Some just want to 'clear' things up b/c they may feel they were not given the opportunity to make things right. This is why under our guideline # 4 it states.

#4. Responsibility. As a member of MDC, you are to be responsible for your words in your personal review. Before submitting any negative reviews of a WAHM's business, customer service or product, please contact the WAHM in question to resolve the issue. Hearsay will not be allowed as each review must be specific to your personal experience with the WAHM or WAHM's product. Broad sweeping statements are not tactful or constructive and may be slanderous - members must speak only from their personal interaction with the WAHM and/or her product.
In your case, you DID try to contact the WAHM before posting your review - and if it is on the board, then that means it was constructively/tactfully written enough to receive moderator's approval.
We also have stated that MDC will not take responsibility or mediate discrepancies between a WAHM and a customer and that BOTH the WAHM and her customer may post to the thread.

This means that the WAHM could follow up your post with an explanation and, if constructively and peacefully written - it too can be approved.

HOWEVER . . . we will not allow for any add'l posts to be made between the two members on the thread.

And finally, it is requested that if following a negative review, the WAHM in question follows up with the member and resolves the issue, that the member posting the initial negative review edit their thread to say so. This doesn't remove the negative initial review but shows that the WAHM was willing to follow up with resolution.

Does that make sense? Please feel free to ask me any questions about this as I want you to feel 'safe' to post reviews in the Diaper Review Forum.

We did not make it anonymous simply because we feel that if someone has had a negative experience and would like to share it, they need to stand behind their words and the WAHM needs to be able to have the opportunity to rectify. It is amazing how powerful this board is - that we have 'guests' that do not even post, but watch their reviews. Shows how powerful words really are.
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I would only give a bad public review if contacting the WAHM didn't work. But, I do think that, in the interest of honesty and candor being preserved, you shouldn't have to be called out for a bad review. This only discourages people from posting bad reviews when they are deserved. It does suck to get a bad review when it *isn't* deserved or when the customer doesn't contact you first (grrrr) but, if you are a good, dependable business then your overall reputation won't suffer. Nobody can make *everybody* happy.
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I was also contacted by said WAHM regarding the negative review. I felt odd about it. I can't say how or why - just - unsettled. I didn't choose to reply to her, and I didn't feel as if she was trying to justify or remedy the problems. She wasn't rude, mind you. It just seemed inconsequential. I kind of felt like she was just emailing me to say "I saw your post" and that was it.

I, however, did not try to contact her. I saw no reason. I still use the wetbags, they are just a lesser quality than I expected. I have heard that she uses a "seamstress who sews much faster than she does herself" - so it seems that perhaps some of these quality control issues are being blamed on a WAHM not doing the work herself :
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I usually contact

the wahm in question long before I report anywhere about customer service issues or flawed workmanship. If I do not like the performance of the diaper I do not contact the wahm because well it has nothing to do with the customer service or the way the workmanship is.........kwim? Anyway I have been contacted by a wahm before after I posted a well deserving negative review and lets just say it was super duper ugly and threatening. Thank goodness that person is no longer in business but it was weird and scary to be honest. I really think it is in very poor taste for a wahm to contact a customer about a negative review after that wahm was already contacted by said customer about the problems etc. If the wahm had no idea then it would be ok for her to find out why the problem and why she was not contacted about it. Most wahms will respond to a complaint before it goes that far but some do not because they have no idea what customer service means........LOL!
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I was also contacted by this WAHM and she has been very helpful in trying to remedy the situation, in my case. I thought it was weird at first, but to me it only seems like she really stands behind her products and wants to make things better. And, to be fair, I should have contacted her before posting the review.
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I have to say too, that you never know whats going on in a wahms life or the reasons you got bad service or your problem wasnt handled properly. And if i felt like someone was unhappy with something of mine i would want to try to make it right, you know?
On the other hand, there comes a point when a transaction drags on and on and you just get sick of dealing with it. And you don't feel like trying AGAIN to contact the wahm and wait AGAIN for her to get around to answering you.
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And finally, it is requested that if following a negative review, the WAHM in question follows up with the member and resolves the issue, that the member posting the initial negative review edit their thread to say so.
I totally plan to edit my review and update with the new product I am getting. In my case I am not the only one who had this problem since she is discontinuing my product.
Heather, I did try to email her and I had no indication that she had not recieved my email as one did not bounce back to me. It must've got lost in cyberspace.
We also have stated that MDC will not take responsibility or mediate discrepancies between a WAHM and a customer and that BOTH the WAHM and her customer may post to the thread.
I didn't expect that. I do take responsibility for my words. They were honest and constructive. I was just wondering if this has happened to others and how they felt. Im not trying to rehash anything by posting this thread. Im just asking an opinion which is why the person involved remains anon. Im not trying to draw attention to my particular situation.
I think I will probably post my reviews at diaperpin and macspeno in the future. I have no problem leaving my name on a review but I dont want to be contacted. I didnt think that would happen.
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Hey Meghan don't feel bad about your review. I don't think it matters where you post your review at, a wahm will always be able to read it and if she wants to contact you it can happen.

I personally think that as long as the review is constructive rather than flaming then there is nothing wrong with it.

we just like to be contacted first

I know you did but that is just a blanket type of statement.
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I am not feeling so inclined to post reviews either.

I didn't email her because I didn't want her to feel bad - I didn't think she was a member at MDC and I wanted others who were considering the bags to know what my recent experience was like - I didn't mean it be harmful.
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I think we have every right to post a review, whether it be good or bad.

I know there was a very RUDE WAHM here the other day that was extremely out of line, commenting, and questioning people's posts.
I also know this particular WAHM sent some very very hateful emails to the same people.

Anyhow, I think that would be the quickest way for me to let everyone I know, know what I think of that particular WAHM
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I just wanted to add that my wahm wasn't rude at all.. she was very nice and polite. I was just shocked I guess. I honestly do believe that my email got lost as I remember I had to write out the email addy myself instead of C&P'ing. I think I would totally freak out if I got a hateful email. Thats just soo totally wrong.
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I've had 2 WAHMs contact me based on things I've said in passing on message boards. I find it stalkerish and it completely turned me off to both of them.

It's my feeling that If I want to answer someone's question about a WAHM then I should be able to do that without being afraid that the WAHM will hound me in e-mail (as long as what I've said it true).
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i was contacted regarding some posts. i did email the wahm about my troubles, but i didn't "finish" the conversation with her before i asked some mamas here about their experiences with the product.

it was very upsetting. it was mostly professional, but there were a couple hurtful comments.

it made me kind of scared of wahms.
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