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Do you do DH/SO's laundry? - Page 8

Poll Results: Do you do dh/SO's laundry?

  • 18% (74)
    Yes, he has no time for it
  • 49% (197)
    Yes, it's just part of my job description
  • 23% (95)
    Sometimes yes, sometimes no
  • 7% (30)
396 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by herenow2 View Post
I always do the laundry but my dh helps fold sometimes when there is a pile sitting on the couch.
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ah to have a washer and dryer at home again...

we are currently living in an OLD rental house with no washer dryer hook ups. we own a washer and dryer, we just can't use them here.

so my choices are A) spend a couple of hours and about $20 to get a weeks worth of laundry (8-10 loads) done at the laundry mat or B) go spend 10 or 12 hours doing a weeks worth of laundry at my generous sister's house for free.

laundry is a huge deal for us here, but i (usually...see below) do it all. dh works long lousy hours, ad if i made him do some or all of it, we'd never get to have any family time on his days off.

having said all that, now that i'm preggo again, and feeling like something the cat dragged in, i've been making him help me haul all of our crap to the laundry mat. it's just too much for me right now. (truth to tell, he's having to do almost everything right now...)

i can't wait until we move back into a place with washer/dryer/dishwasher hook ups. we're going to feel like the jetsons, after "roughing it" here.
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I voted that he has no time for it, although that is not strictly true.

I shudder to think what might happen to my dear DH if he washed one of my delicate, cold water shirts in a full wash hot cycle..... :

Really, it's best if I do the laundry, kwim?
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yes I do.
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I do everyone's laundry.
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I'm currently 8 months pregnant, and we live in a 2nd floor apartment and the only washer and dryer is on the 1st floor. DH has decided that laundry baskets are 'too heavy' for me to be carting up and down stairs so he does the laundry. He runs the machines, I fold and put away.

When I'm not pregnant/when we had laundry on the same floor as us I did the laundry, almost all of it. He will throw in a load if he needs something and I haven't gotten around to it. But I did the majority
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i did for awhile, but he kept saying he would do it himself on the weekends. he didn't notice positively or thank me for doing it, so i quit doing it. i do my own and DD's laundry. i run a load almost every day b/c i only have 2 nursing tops and they keep getting soiled by DD. not to mention her clothes getting dirty regularly. she's 17 mo.
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I do some of it, Dh does some of it, and now the 8 year old is learning to sort, measure, etc so soon she'll be doing some of it. The 6 year old has had a thing for putting the stuff from the washer to the dryer or the pre-sorted laundry into the washer since she was like 2, but I'm not trusting her with liquids just yet
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I do the clothes and folding, dh often does the towels and dd's clothes. Her clothes all get washed the same way and hung to dry so they're not complicated Our clothes require what he considers totally arbitrary and ever-shifting patterns of sorting and various drying situations. Also, if he folded them they'd be the size of very fat stamps and never fit in our drawers.

He does take care of the towels and will often do his own clothes but he's afraid to touch mine.

He always thanks me when clean, folded clothes appear and I do the same.
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It used to be DH did the laundry, then he got busy with work and we did it 50/50 and now it's back to DH mainly.

But when I do laundry, I do his as well as mine and everyone elses. Same with when he does his laundry, he does not only his but whatever else needs done as well.
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It is part of my job as the person who is at home.
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Nope. I used to, but he kept complaining about his work clothes not being washed/folded/ironed right. I thought I was doing a good job but he's very picky about that sort of thing. I said then you can do your own laundry from now on, and he has. Funny thing is, I think his clothes looked better when I was washing them.
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we both do laundry.
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Yep because I do it to be nice to him. He does not expect it.
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We've always done our own, and we still each pitch in w/ the general wash...he does mine a lot actually LOL (I couldn't deal w/ carrying the hamper downstairs while pregnant w/ hip pain). but I'll do his as a treat or to show off how I can get stuff done now, lol. He is way anal tho so mostly not!
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Let me start off saying I despise laundry. But DH works out of town 3 days a week, works part time for the college, as well as another part time job. He really has no time for it. Occasionally when he's home he's surprised me by doing it, because he knows I hate it. Usually when he's home & not working on school, its family time, not laundry time!
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