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Do you do DH/SO's laundry? - Page 2

Poll Results: Do you do dh/SO's laundry?

  • 18% (74)
    Yes, he has no time for it
  • 49% (197)
    Yes, it's just part of my job description
  • 23% (95)
    Sometimes yes, sometimes no
  • 7% (30)
396 Total Votes  
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Most of the time...

...but there are times when I ask DH to take care of his own laundry. He is always in charge of folding and putting away his own.

There are 5 people in my house, three of them who are not old enough to help out. I work full time hours (three 12 hour shifts) so if he doesn't help, then all my time off is spent doing house chores.
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I mostly do the laundry, just because I'm a lot more picky about how it gets done. But if there's something in particular he wants done sooner rather than later, like his biking clothes, he'll do those.
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Originally Posted by NotAMama View Post
I can't imagine us doing our own laundry separately. I mean, that would use twice the water and electricity. I actually cringe at the thought of such waste.
DH and ds1's laundry is lumped together, and mine and ds2's laundry is lumped together, since ds2 has sensitive skin, so we use the dye/fragrance-free stuff for him. We never do small loads - we always wait until there's a full load - never occurred to me that people might do only part of a load just to separate out the laundries.
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Originally Posted by Holiztic View Post
I really find this question strange (not an insult, really). I just can't even imagine doing my own laundry and not his.

I would have imagined the question being "Who does the laundry?" Just my POV.
Yeah, it was strange to me that when I mentioned in my other post that dh ran out of underwear because I neglected to do the laundry in time, a few people's response was "why are you doing dh's laundry!?" So I decided to do this poll! I was starting to wonder if I was in the minority being mostly responsible for all the laundry in the house.
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We both do each other's laundry, and the kid's laundry, and the household stuff. I try to get to it every day as I'm the one who is home. But I don't always get to it. DH will throw a load in before he's off to work, or on the weekends he'll do what he can.
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I didn't vote. I do the laundry because I enjoy it. My husband has time for it but he hates to do it and I wouldn't call it part of my job description.

However, I do NOT pick clothes up off the floor, nor will I search through dirty clothes pockets to see if anything is in there. I did "punish" him for a couple weeks by not doing his laundry because he wanted a specific shirt so I asked him to put a load in the washer and he went through the basket and picked out only his clothes. That made me kind of angry.
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I do the majority of the laundry here. If I need some help from DH, I don't split up his clothes from mine and ask him to wash his own, I just say, "Could you throw a load in?" Just like when he makes dinner, he doesn't have me make my own. :
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Yes, it's just part of my job discription. And he doesn't really have the time for it either.
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There should have been a way to vote no my partner does my laundry.
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I do all of the laundry EXCEPT for dh's work clothes. I voted "sometimes" for that reason.

I have a neat system worked out where I do a load of diapers/dishtowels/underwear/socks every other day (I put the diapers through a cold rinse first), light colored clothes every fourth day, dark colored clothes every fourth day. This keeps the amount of work down for me and ensures we always have something to wear. Dh washes his work shirts and pants on his own schedule. If, for some reason, I slacked off and stopped doing laundry altogether, dh would notice and do it himself before he ran out of underwear.
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I do the laundry here, too. This started after my dh ruined my favorite pair of pants when we had been married a very short time. I took over laundry duty.

To us, it just makes sense that one person does laundry. It's just household laundry. Same as *one* person does the bills. It's household money. *One* person cooks a given meal (unless we're cooking together). Just as I wouldn't make myself lunch without making dh or ds lunch, I wouldn't exclude his laundry, either.
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For the most part, Shawn does the laundry. I'm to scatterbrained to remember to rotate it regularly :
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I do DH's laundry if he manages to get it into the hamper. If he leaves it on his floor I don't go around and collect it.
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I do 100% of the laundry and always have. This is not one of dh's talents and I like doing it so its fine. He does anything else and is very handy so its not an issue.
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We don't have assigned chores. Whomever gets to it first, does it.
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In our house dh does 95% or more of the laundry.
I do some now and then.

So he usually does everybody's laundry. He folds it and puts mine on my dresser and the kids he doesn't sort whose is whose but folds it and puts it on there dresser for me to help them put away and he puts his own away.
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I do 99% of the laundry. Before kids, when we both worked FT, I did resent it but if I didn't do it, I ran out of clothes. Now that we have kids and I'm home, I do it. I'll occasionally ask him to throw in a load or empty the dryer.
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our laundry is mixed together, and i do most of it, so yeah, i do his.... he does it ocasionally though. its just easier for me to do it since we dont have a dryer, so i hang during the day
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I do all the laundry here. Dh works a full time + job, plus does lots of the cattle stuff, and I am home all day. He will put something in the washer or dryer if I ask, but I rarely do.

And I HATE laundry
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I do most of the laundry but dh will help with some of the hanging up and folding if needed. I am a SAHM and do laundry during the day. Dh works outside the home. It just makes sense
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