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Do you do DH/SO's laundry? - Page 3

Poll Results: Do you do dh/SO's laundry?

  • 18% (74)
    Yes, he has no time for it
  • 49% (197)
    Yes, it's just part of my job description
  • 23% (95)
    Sometimes yes, sometimes no
  • 7% (30)
396 Total Votes  
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I do all the laundry during the day while dh is at work. If I am behind on the folding I'll pull out the basket in the evening if he is watching a television show after ds goes to bed. Then we fold together. How romantic!
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If I have room in the load I'll add some of his stuff, but his laundry is his responsibility. My 11yo dd does her own most of the time as well...and I'm starting to teach my 7yo ds how to do his. I take care of my own clothes, the 7yo's clothes and all of the linens and bedding.
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I don't do "his" laundry specifically. Everyone's clothes go into the same hamper, and I wash them all together. Sometimes if I haven't gotten to the clothes and he needs something for work, DH will do a load of just his work uniforms.
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I laughed when I read the title of this thread (no offense, it's just funny according to our situation).

Of course I do dh's laundry. He's done it a few times, like after dd was born or when I haven't been able to get to it for some reason, but I prefer to do it anyway. That way our wool things get handwashed and our whites stay white and not gray or pink.
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Originally Posted by Clarinet View Post
I did "punish" him for a couple weeks by not doing his laundry because he wanted a specific shirt so I asked him to put a load in the washer and he went through the basket and picked out only his clothes. That made me kind of angry.
I don't know what I'd do if dh did that, but I'd be really angry. That's so inconsiderate.
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I do. It's a division of labor issue - I'm the CEO of the household and he's the CEO of his business. My job is to take care of the kids and the house while he's gone. We both work hard all day - and we both like to relax together at night once the kids are in bed - so I don't "save" any tasks to do for him at night. It's not a huge deal anyways, I just have the stuff in the washer and dryer while I'm at home and then I put it away while he gives the kids their bath at night. If it's the weekends (and I usually try not to do laundry then - it's reserved for family time and a few errands I do solo) he'll help fold while we're hanging out.

Besides, I'm WAY more anal about laundry - sorting colors, temp, etc. He invariably screws something up - like throwing underwire bras in the dryer or something else that just isn't on his radar.
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I do my laundry, DS's laundry, and the linens, but DH does his own laundry. That's part of the beauty of having separate closets in our bedroom -- he has his own hamper! We have a tacit agreement about it -- my part is to pretend I don't notice the huge pile of dirty clothes in his closet and not get on his case about cleaning it up, and his part is to not complain when he doesn't have anything to wear to work.

If we ever move to a place with only one closet in the master bedroom, I suppose we'll have to rework our arrangement -- I have a feeling I'd end up doing his laundry then, because I wouldn't be able to stand a big pile of dirty clothes in *my* closet.
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My DH is gone for 12 hours a day working outside of the home. I am the one at home with the washer. It makes sense for me to do it.

I know that if I was the one working for 12 hours outside of the home he would be kind enough to do my laundry along with his and Ds's!!!

I'd rather spend our evenings and weekeds doing fun family things.
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I do it because if it was left up to DH, the man would never have clean clothes.
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Originally Posted by CaraNicole View Post
I do it because if it was left up to DH, the man would never have clean clothes.
That too.
None of us would.
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I voted that it's "part of my job description" as that was kind of the closest to our arrangement I can come. It's not my "job" because I'm the SAHP, but it's how we worked out chores--he does dishes, I do laundry. etc. There's not separate "his" and "hers" loads or anything. I do our son's laundry separate from the "grownup" laundry simply because we like fabric softener and dryer sheets whereas I don't want to include those in our toddler's laundry, and because smaller clothes would get lost in the shuffle with the larger loads, and because his laundry needs done on a different schedule depending on how many diaper blowouts he's had or, conversely, how many days I've gotten lazy and left him in the same onesie if it's not dirty and we've not been going anywhere.

I hate folding laundry, so often it doesn't get folded or my husband helps with it.

I typically do a load a day or every other day of our clothes--Monday/Tuesday is whites/lights, Wednesday is darks, Thursday/Friday whites/lights, Saturday darks. Diapers and baby clothes whenever they need doing.

...and if my husband needs a special load done, like say he wants a certain shirt clean for work or he's been going through socks like they're going out of style, he does it.
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I didn't vote because the laundry gets done by whoever notices it or has the time. Usually that's me, because I'm home most of the time, but if he was running low on something (like night nappies!) or the basket was overflowing he does it.

I can't imagine picking out just my clothes or just my daughter's from the basket. That seems very passive agressive.
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My DH does all the laundry, including the diaper laundry.
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If I'm doing a load and his laundry will fit, it gets included. It's certainly not my *job* to do his laundry.

I'm a Stay at Home MOM, not a housewife. My job is to care for my children. It's the responsibility of the entire family to maintain the household, each according to our abilities.
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We don't keep the dirty laundry separate, either. It all goes into one hamper, and I wash it all. When DH was the SAHP he did it, so I guess in our house it's part of the "job description."
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I do laundry on a regular basis. BUT if the laundry isnt in the hamper, or not in the hamper on the day I do whites, darks, etc THEN the rule in our house is "fend for yourself". For example, if hubby doesnt get his jeans into the hamper by Tuesday he has to wash them himself if he wants to wear them to work on Friday.
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We only separate "lights" and "darks". It's not really "whites", because I do tend to throw in my light-coloured t-shirts and such. It's kind of a vague dividing line.

I do one load of our whites and one load of darks per week. That usually covers dd and ds2, as well, as I go through the house and pick up whatever they've dropped in various places (dd changes clothes about 5 times a day, but puts a lot of things back on for several days in a row) and include them. Other laundry, including bedding and tablecloths, is done on an "as needed" basis. Sometimes, a tablecloth will last ages, and other times one of the kids spills something major on it half an hour after I put in on the table.

I guess, including diapers and ds1's stuff, we probably do about...six loads a week, maybe? DH's jeans are unpredictable...they just get done when he runs out.
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Originally Posted by Holiztic View Post
I never really thought of it as "his laundry", we just have "laundry", and I do most of it because the washer/dryer are at home, as am I most of the time. If it is still going once he gets home, and I am nursing or something, he'll fold it and put it away.

I really find this question strange (not an insult, really). I just can't even imagine doing my own laundry and not his.

I would have imagined the question being "Who does the laundry?" Just my POV.

As another pp mentioned, we too separate laundry into whites, brights and darks, but beyond that all of our laundry gets done together. I don't do special loads just for my clothes or her clothes or DS's clothes.

The only laundry that does not get mixed in is the toilet cloth, which gets laundered once a week with our towels.
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My Dh does his own laundry, and I do my laundry with DS's laundry. Diapers and house laundry are also mine. I am not sure why, it's just how it has always been. Perhaps because DH has his clothes in the guest room?
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I do it because I'm home and can do it. If my DH was home, he'd do it. Although, he hates to put away, fold, and hang any laundry regardless of being home or not!
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