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Question about hemp SOS overnight

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For those of you that have used these as an overnight diaper, did you also use a hemp doubler? I have some hemp SOS on the way that I would like to use at nighttime, but am wondering if I should just order doublers now before they ship. We currently use a fuzzibunz with 2 JB, and they are usually soaked end to end in the morning, but no leaks. Your thoughts are appreciated! Thanks!
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I use my hemp SOS with 2 hemp doublers (one from Suzie that I got when I bought the dipe and one pretty thick one that's actually the soaker portion of a layin style dipe I have). Ty soaks through all of that by morning, but it's enough that it doesn't get his Aristocrat wet.
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No - they're awful - bad, bad, bad - won't work at night - you'd better have Suzie just ship them right to me :LOL

Seriously, though - they're awesome. We use a microfleece lined hemp doubler (from Suzie) with our all-hemp SOS. It barely feels damp on the outside (and we still nurse through the night and have a total supersoaker!)

They're great!!

Oh - we use the micro lined because after a few weeks the all hemp get really scratchy - the micro stays nice and soft against their delicates
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We use 1 hemp doubler with a hemp SOS at night, and it works great!!
I would order the doublers mama.
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