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What is your favorite diaper right now?

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Ok not a diaper/cover combo just the diaper. Weather it's a cpf, fitted, snap in and cover that make and AIO, pocket dipe with stuffer or AIO. What's your favorite diaper, right this moment. Describe it. Just pick one, unless you are diapering two!

Mine is my only nude Sugarpeas size 2. It is one of the first made and the hemp fleece is so well broken in and soft. It has very lovely blue serging and the most beautiful butter yellow microfleece. I think I have had it longest out of all of the dipes in my current stash too.
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Sugarbums, hands down. I it! Love the fit; construction is superb; the WAHM is so sweet and really wonderful! Did I mention I this dipe?
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Well, it's a tie.. is that cheating??

I love my LHC suns and moons batik, and I just got it so I'm still in the honeymoon phase, LOL. But I *always* love my blue velour Darling Diaper, all hemp. Every time I put this diaper on Cole, I think, "This is an awesome diaper."
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Do i really need to say it: I love my LHC diapers Pretty obvious since i'm selling everything else in my stash.
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Originally posted by lkblair
Sugarbums, hands down. I it! Love the fit; construction is superb; the WAHM is so sweet and really wonderful! Did I mention I this dipe?
lol....she is super nice...i asked her to do the diaper for me smooth side up and she said that was no problem...lol Anyhow my current fav on Arian in a hemp bikini CB made with french hemp terry and hemp fleece smooth side up...

the fit is superb on my son
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My current favorite is a medium side snap Cloud 9 Softie with a pretty floral print on a soft lime green background.
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snappi'd regular UBCPF here. premium UBCPF & FMBG tied for a close second.
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My plaid SOS or my letter people SOS. I just both of those!
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Both of my RB AIO's the fit is amazing!!!! Second would be any of my Ivy rose AIO's, they fit equally as well
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Still loving my Chumbas Supertrims here--the fit is the best on my babe and I love the absorbancy! Awesome for mall outings and easy to change on the go. So convenient for Dh too--he loves them! Now if only I could get some more of them!! *sigh*
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Is today and tomorrow is a different day and I will probably change again but today my favourite diaper is a Darling Diaper and the cover is the Fuzeasy. Tonight he is in a Lounging Lizard Trifold with a joey-bunz underneat inside the Fuzeasy, good combo for nights, no leaks as of yet. He wets heavy in the night but all day is a light fellow.

Tomorrow it will be Darling diapers again and the Fuzeasy, if my Elbee was not out for repairs I would be alternating back and forth between it and the Fuzeasy! Tuesday my diaper will be Toot Sweet and Fuzbaby and Elbee and Dewdrops, then Wednesday we move onto the Lambkins, my lone Manyduck and some Cloud 9's, then on Thursday until Saturday it is SOS, then Cuddlebuns. Then we start all over again.........LOL!
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a beautiful blue...

chamois flannel side hooking Reese's (me) made. I love this diaper on him, it's so trim yet soaky and cute. It's a pretty blue and I serged in red white. I just LOVE this dipe.

edit to say, this is also completely escape artist proof LOL, another reason I love it.
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My UBCPFs that have holes in them. They still work wonderfully well, and the holes remind me of all the growing and happy days that little girl's bum has been through with me!
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Right now my favorite diaper is the cloud 9 softie it has kittens on it and I love the fit and absorbacy.
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I prefer knit diapers to flannel because all of my flannel diaps seem to be disintegrating before my eyes. I think I am beginning to appreciate the side snapping diaps that I have too because I have been reaching for those first rather than after everything else is gone like I used to LOL!

My very favorite of all is a diaper I made for Rhys that has mustard coloured velour inner (ie no stains and this really adorable animal print on the outer.

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My fav is an all-hemp, front-snapping fitted from Darling Diapers. It's got hot pink snaps and a tri-fold soaker.

It's like Mary Poppins: Practically perfect in every way.
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Right at this very moment, it's one of the RB Fits Like A Glove fitteds. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
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My faves are Apron Strings fleece pocket dipes for day, and Bizzy B Hives fleece AIO's with a Chumba's hempins stuff under the soakers for night.

My absolute fave Apron Strings is the rocket power print stuffed with an unbleached CPF.
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My favorite is an insect print SOS.
It looks really cute on my son and is absorbent too!
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Originally posted by famousmockngbrd

I love my LHC suns and moons batik, [/B]
prego brain alert!

What is LHC and do you have a link?

Oh, and you sugarbums lovers just convinced me to bid on a hemp fitted on wahm-mall.
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