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My favorite right now is my Darling Diaper front snap hemp/velour. The velour is so soft inside and the hemp makes it nice and absorbent!
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ummmmm there is a tie for me right now. The Liz's cloth I got off the TP ( to the momma who I snagged it from) and my regular CPF's with a snappi (thanks to HeatherSanders for showing me)
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Ohhhhh making me think!! It's too early in the morning for that

Right now my #1 favorite, on Liam, is the Fuzbaby fitteds. The fit is superior to all other fitteds I have tried on him and buz is absorbant. Close second for fit and absorbancy is SOS, close third is my UBCPFs. I'm digging Bummis SIWWs over everything because they fit over all of my diapers and don't dig into Liam's thighs. How perfectly corporate of me :LOL

On Donovan, hmmmm. I think my favorite on him is SOS. Second are Liz's cloth although they are fitting baggy in the front. He recently slimmed down so I'm kinda refiguring what works.
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I love my Chumbas Super-Trim AIO, especially in red/white/blue tie dye with red velour inner. It is so beautiful, absorbant, soft, and trim!
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Right now my favorite is Sugarpeas size 2 with Sugar peas wool cover. I love these dipes! They fit fairly trimly on my dd and I like the adjustability. The fleece top liners keep her skin oh so dry even next to a soaked dipe.
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I am still looking for a FAV diaper, but right now I really like Cuddlebuns. They are so soft and fit my daughter so well.

I am going to order some ME OS and just have a feeling that it is the system that I will LOVE! I hope so anyway!
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Originally posted by mmacdo10
What is LHC and do you have a link?
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I'm a little embarrassed to say this but

My fave right now is the Kissaluv fleece fitted dipes. They are so soft, they look cute on, they fit right, and I just love the way they look when they are folded. A nice looking rounded sort of...well, I smile every time I fold one. I am also liking for a close second prefolds and snappis.
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BCPF, I was thinking a lukes drawers, but I am getting lazy with wasing all the shells and inserts so I must CPF for today. I think I am going to have to try a Darling Diaper though for my new babe when she gets hear. Sounds like everyone like those alot.
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Today it's my new dragonfly print RB fitted!
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I just got a FMBG on the TP and love it. Its purple with pyschodelic butterflies. The colors are beautiful. I just wish it were an AIO so everyone could see it.
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My favorite is a white, regular-size prefold snappied. It is trim and has a perfect fit with lots of absorbency up front (bikini twisted of course, LOL). It always washes clean and fresh- and fits every time.

For fitteds, I seem to always come back to my Liz Cloth- call them my dependable dipes- they hold up and dry fast and work great.
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