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need some reassurance

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I'm 10 weeks today. I have my second u/s tomorrow, and I'm really hoping to see everything is ok. When I went in at 11 weeks with Riley due to slight spotting we saw that he was dead. I've been feeling much more pregnant this time, and even had m/s for the first time. It was so bad the last few weeks. My doc even had me on a sleep aide it was so awful. I started taking b6 around 5pm about four days ago, and now my m/s is completely gone. Do you think it could have made that much of a difference?
I've also been feeling my uterus growing a lot since about 5.5 weeks. It was really noticeable the last week, then this weekend I haven't even been able to find it.
And I've felt movement for around 1.5 weeks or so. A couple of times a day, give or take. But I also haven't felt the baby this weekend.

I'm just terrified because this is exactly what happened with Riley(except I never had m/s to begin with)

What do you suppose is making all this happen?
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Don't read anything into the movement, it's way too early to nervous about that. With dd I felt very early movement and then nothing for 5 weeks. All is fine. When they are so small they can move to a little corner.

Symtoms come and go.
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I know symptoms come and go, but do they go from terrible, I can't even move, to I feel normal, overnight?
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Aw, Jill.
I will be crossing my fingers that your u/s gives you peace of mind tomorrow. It's so hard in the beginning when you feel movement, because if you're busy it can be easy to miss those little wiggles...and then a few days or a week goes by and you freak out. It is normal, though, especially since you are so early to be feeling movement.
I don't think your uterus would shrink over a couple of days, no matter what was happening with the pregnancy. Maybe you've felt it when you had a very full bladder and then the next time you tried, your bladder wasn't so full.
I read that the placenta starts taking over more of the hormone production in weeks 10/11, so it's very normal for all those hormonally-induced symptoms like m/s and fatigue to go away at this point. Really.
Try not to worry. I know, I know, easier said than done. Good luck tomorrow; I'll be thinking about you.
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I know first hand what you are going through, it's soooo hard not to read into every twinge, or lack thereof, when you've got a history of m/c. When I was PG with Wally, my morning sickness went from very bad nausea almost all day, having to focus on not throwing up, hungry yet no appetite....to feeling fine, all the course of about 5 days. And I wasn't doing anything special...it was just time. It was around 10 to 13 weeks, I don't remember exactly when.

My nausea's been a lot better recently, too, I'm just a few days ahead of you. Also trying to not let that mean anything...
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(((((Hugs))))) worrying can be the worst! We can have good days and bad days symptom wise. In just a short time you will be reassured mama! Maybe a bath and a good book? Or even amassage from DH? Healthy baby, great report vibes!!
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I made G'ma Bee's brownies. I *think* I just felt baby again. I hope so.

As far as the uterus goes, I am really hoping it's just tilted back. I always always check it with an empty bladder so it doesn't throw me off. Damn thing.

thanks guys. I need lots of prayers for tomorrow. I don't know what I'll do if we get more bad news. Over a year of trying for this one, and two losses since January. It's just too much.
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Hugs to you. I hope you have a restful night and a reassuring appointment tomorrow.
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I'm praying for you, Jillybeans

I'm praying for you and sending lots of positive and sticky baby vibes your way. Symptoms do come and go--it can be so terrifying when they go. Please try not to worry. Just talk to your baby. I'm glad you have an appt. tomorrow, I'm sure you'll hear nothing but *good* news and your worries will be put to rest. Relax momma and be gentle with yourself.

Thinking of you and your little one
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good luck tomorrow!

My symptoms are all over the place btw. One day I feel fine the next day HORRIBLE! and it's overnight. The past few days I've felt revolting but the day or 2 before that, not so bad.

The exhaustion is a bit better. I'm not dying for my mid day nap (though Jes has been home for 2 weeks on holiday so I'm sure that's helped) and I'm up later the past few nights than I had been for ages.

It's not completely unheard of for symptoms to get better really fast.

As for movement... It's really early. Baby is really, really small. They're probably just hanging out away from the tender spot they've been hitting.

The hard thing about pregnancy is that there's just nothing you control in terms of miscarriage. To try is to risk it all. May the time between now and the ultrasound go fast.
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Lots of prayers and hugs your way!!

If it makes you feel any better, right around 10 weeks my symptoms lessened a lot and I actually was a little nervous too. I went from throwing up a few times a day and feeling bad ALL DAY to actually feeling pretty good during the day and eating things I couldn't touch before. Well now here I am 12 weeks and the past week has been the WORST ever.....I've been throwing up so much and just feel lousy! I had one week of BLISS~ So don't worry, you could be going through the same thing.

Actually, a lot of women will say they see a break in the MS around 10 weeks~

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Just wanted to chime in with more support!

This must be such a tough time. Even if everything is perfectly fine (and I'm praying it is), I bet every minute is a reminder of the grief you experienced way too many times. You're at that "place" in the pregnancy where you've had heartbreak before, of course this is going to be a white-knuckle ride.

But hang on, sweetie. We're all cheering for you. Let us know right away what you learn from the u/s today, ok?

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I could have written your post, Jill. My last pregnancy ended in a m/c that was "missed" for 4 weeks. My baby had died a little past 8 weeks but I did not start bleeding until 12 weeks. I remember the day I started bleeding telling my sister that I just didn't feel pregnant anymore. This pregnancy - even though I've tried not to - I'm reading into every single little thing. I too was able to feel my uterus and am now not sure if I can. My boobs have been SO SORE (as soon as last night when I hugged my boyfriend and had to pull back they were so tender) but this morning I woke up and they aren't as sore as they were. My queasiness has gotten better...so has my exhaustion. IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE!!

I have an appointment on Wednesday and hopefully will hear that sweet heart beating. I pray that you too will get reassuring news today. Update us as soon as you can!!
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First, it wouldn't be unusual to get some ms relief around 10 weeks. It may be the end for you, or just a break. Disappearance of symptoms does not mean a miscarriage.

As far as your fundus, your uterus may be growing, then shifting position/changing shape. At 10 weeks I couldn't really find mine at all. At 11 it was definitely bigger but seemed to have "gone down" a bit (I think it was widening). At almost 13 now it's definitely bigger.

I hope you get the reassurances you need at your ultrasound!
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Originally Posted by jillybeans View Post
I know symptoms come and go, but do they go from terrible, I can't even move, to I feel normal, overnight?
Yes they do! Really! I have experienced it more than once, panicked, and discovered everything was fine.

Thinking warm and healthy thoughts for you and hoping for an update soon.
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Thinking lots of positive thoughts for you and baby.
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(((HUGS))) Thinking of you. I went from feeling normal at the beginning of week 10 to not keeping anything down near the end, and on medicine to help. I think it is very normal for symtoms to be all over the place.
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you're in our thoughts and prayers... keep thinking positive thoughts!

let us know what happens...
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I'm on pins and needles here, Jill! Do let us know what you find out!
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Originally Posted by sarahtar View Post
I'm on pins and needles here, Jill! Do let us know what you find out!
Me too!! Update us SOON!!!! (And I've seen you posted on another thread....so I know you're here! )
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