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I don't know how I missed this all these days, but boy am I glad everything is all right!
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I'm so glad everything is okay

I had problems with "threatened miscarriage" early on with this one, so I'm really nervous to hear the heartbeat next Tuesday (I'll be 13 weeks). When I first started bleeding at six weeks they did a u/s and found a heartbeat, but I'm still nervous.
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I've been missing for a few days, but YEAH!!!!!! Oh Jill, I'm so thrilled for you, I know how scary it is, and am so happy things went well!!! Your sprout is beautiful!!!!

Way to go MOMMY!!
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I am so HAPPY for you!

When I read your thread a few days ago, I did not know what I could write that would be helpful since I am new to this site. Instead, I thought and prayed about you and a healthy baby in your tummy and a positive report on the thread. I am so glad everything went well!!!
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Congrats... My DD heartbeat was always 130s and my 3 sons were 160-170
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