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Actual Due Date: I think Sep 12, but mid-Sep for sure
When I think baby come: Sep 9 IT'S SEPTEMBER 17 AND I'M STILL PREGNANT... Baby was born 9/23 @ 7:30ish
How I think I will labor: I don't know how to count this. With DS I had contractions all day, but was admitted to hospital @ 8 p.m. at 0 cm dilated, and had DS @ 1:19 a.m., 5 hours later... I think this time I'll say 12 hours from first regular contractions to birth? I was close here, 15 hours from real timable contractions to birth, longer than I expected
What I think baby will weigh: over 7 lbs, under 8 8 pounds 4.5 ounces; 22 inches long WAY bigger than I expected.
What I think Gender will be: NO CLUE!! DS says "sister" He's a boy!
What I think baby will look like: Like DH. DS is my "spitting image" aside from the penis . I'm having a hard time actually thinking this baby might look different, but I want to have DH feel the joy of seeing someone look so much like you.Everyone says he looks just like DS1. I think he looks like himself...

I was WAY off!!!