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Late birth story

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Although I'm 2 weeks and some change late, I thought I'd share our beautiful birth with you.

We had wanted a homebirth and met an amazing HB midwife but just couldn't get comfortable with the cost since money is tight. So we chose to drive an hour to a very NCB friendly hospital. If anyone's from Vermont, I'm talking about Bennington. I could have delivered closer in Rutland but have heard horror stories.

After weeks of false labor, I woke up at 5 am with contractions that were undoubtedly different from the ones I had been feeling previously. Not painful but different. I knew it was time. Due to previously quick labors and the hour drive, we left immediately. Contractions were about 5 minutes apart and I clenched up during each one during the drive. This was against my body's desire. I wanted to relax through each one but was nervous about delivering in the car and didn't want the baby to descend much. In the end, it didn't matter.

At the hospital, I was checked as a 4. I spent the day walking, bouncing on the birth ball, chatting, eating (I was served breakfast AND lunch during labor which was a hospital no-no, I thought. I even had a burger and onion rings for lunch! ). My midwife and nurse (also a licensed doula) spent the afternoon in our room, just talking. I finally got in the tub, about 10 hours later, and within 20 minutes, felt that the head was down low. I felt no urge to push but felt the pressue.

I got up on my knees, leaning forward on the side of the tub. I never pushed. My water broke during one contraction, the baby's head was out after the following contraction, and on the third contraction the baby was born. I never did a thing! My body did all the work on it's own.

I never went through transition. I never felt out of control. My contractions never got closer than 1-2 minutes apart. I never felt pain. The contractions felt intense, but never painful. I know it sounds silly but I told DH the contractions felt more like an antsy feeling, like very strong butterflies in my stomach. The baby coming out felt "full" and there was alot of pressure, but never pain. This was all a result of my relaxing during each contraction.

Lucy Elizabeth was born at 3:39 pm on Aug 3. She weighed 9 lbs 6 oz. She had a true knot in her cord but was as healthy as can be. I had no tearing or swelling. She nurses like a champ. OFTEN.
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Oh yeah! What an awesome birth. I want that one!

And what an awesome name! I love Lucy Elizabeth! If we didn't already have a Luke and an Abigail Elizabeth I would choose that!
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Originally Posted by pfamilygal View Post
Oh yeah! What an awesome birth. I want that one!

Me too, me too. I'll take a birth like that any day. Congrats! That sounds like such a fantastic hospital experience. Here's to your baby Lucy
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Congrats! Lucy is on our list too!
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Sounds great, congrats!

What you said regarding contractions:
more like an antsy feeling, like very strong butterflies in my stomach
That is what I have been experiencing!!! I have been getting mild ones for a couple of days now (baby will be here soon) and I feel that feeling!!
I will try and stay relaxed with this birth (its my first) and hopefully it wont be too painful. THanks for sharing!
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Wow. Sounds like the ideal birth experience! Congratulations!
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Wow, how beautiful! I'm crossing my fingers for a birth like that one!
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Congrats Momma! What a great birth. So glad you are enjoying your little girl. Thank you for updating us. I will add you both to the welcome thread
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Wow, that sounds like an ideal birth. Can I borrow some of your birth vibes? Congrats on little Lucy!
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Sounds like a wonderful birth!!
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How beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
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Hello, Lucy Elizabeth!

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seriously amazing!!! congrats!!
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that sounds AWESOME!

I love to hear that that's possible.
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