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Is anyone else going? I was not going to until my LSA offered to help me defer my costs. Yippee! I have given up on going to the adult stuff, but I am going to go the children's classes with the kids. Hopefully, I will at least learn a few tricks for children's classes in our area.

And an aside, We had a meeting with our regional Ruhi person and it was great. The kids were even well behaved. We talked a lot about what Ruhi means as far as teaching goes and why it is so important. It really changed my views of the institute process. In a good way.

I still find it very hard to teach openly. It is so much easier to teach from a philosophical point of view than a Godly one. I am nervous about how I will be seen. Which I know is not right, but when I try to teach young people, I usually feel strong resistance to religion in general. Especially when they know I don't drink, etc...

It is my goal to be more open about it. Hopefully the enthusiasm of Green Lake will help me to do that.