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Stinky PUL

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The PUL on my HHs in STINKY which is pretty gross. I think it's due to the fact that I use them at night so the smell from the urine sort of soaks in all night and now after 3 months of use, it is lingering. I would guess it would be this way with any overnight pocket dipe. Is there anything I can do to get the stink out of PUL? :
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Hope it's ok that I reply to this one Heather.

Are you sure it's the PUL???

Usually stink is from detergent build up. Do a quick handwash, use your regular dish soap scrub up the fleece both sides really good, also do a gentle scrub of the PUL. The rinse super good. No need for any other steps.

OK, are you sure it's the PUL???
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Thanks, I will try that and get back to you. It seems to be the PUL when I smell the PUL (inside of the PUL) vs the fleece, but we shall see.

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I was having stinky pul and fleece for night time diapers.. my dd sleeps 12 hours a night and was waking up smelling awful.
I started rinsing those nighttime diapers in the sink before putting them in the diaper pail.. a little extra work, but worth the effort.

I did also have to start stripping my diapers with RLR more often...
why does toddler urine smell so strong?
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What is RLR? :
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I like RLR it is a laundry booster you can get at wal mart. Heard about it here :0
It comes in a 2 ball package. They are pre-measured for 1 laundry load and you just throw it in with your regular wash. I do it probably weekly if I remember.

But then as a side note, I added a ball to some old summer clothes that had sat in a box all winter. They came out looking almost like new. That really impressed me.

I honestly never realized that the pul becomes stinky. Let us know what happens Melainie
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Well, I handwashed the HHs with the dishsoap and then rinsed them in the washing machine 3 times, and neither the PUL or the fleece stink right now. I will have to see how they are in the morning though after being on DS all night. I also boiled all his hemp inserts, so hopefully he won't be quite as stinky tomorrow morning.
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