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I forgot... they also called "Blessed Woman Who Gave Me Life" if they really really want to suck up for something!
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DS isn't talking yet, so I don't know.

DF and I were talking about this the other day, and we noticed that it is usually a progression. They start out with "mama," move on to "mommy", then "mom." During late teenhood or adulthood, sometimes they use "mother." Now, half the time I refer to my mom as "Grandma."
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I always thought I would be called mama but DS started calling me mommy so I expect that DD will do the same.

I'm in my 30s and still call my mother "mama".
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I'm called "Katherine".

Up until probably age 5 or so i think it was "Mommy". (my son is almost 11.)

If my son is really irritated with me, its "Mother", but thats only happened once or twice.

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i'm mommy now, it was mama til a few months ago.
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I like Mama.

I'm usually called Mom, Mama, Erin (my name) or Mother if she's been hanging around my MIL. Occasionally I get Mommy, which I do not like!
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Either mama or mommy. I didn't like it when my 2yo called me mom once. She sounded like a teenager!
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I had always thought I would like Mommy better but now I'm Mama. It sounds to southern. I do get called Mom sometimes but I'm usually just Mama or occasionally "Honey". My 3 y/o went through a stage where EVERYONE was "Honey".
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I like mama, DH has started calling me "mom" lol. But DD is only 7 weeks, so we'll see what she ends up using.
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my DD calls me MEME and sometimes momma
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I prefer mama.

My oldest once called me "mamia" which I thought was darling, but he only did it twice.
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DD calls me mama, although occasionally she calls me mommy. I prefer mama, and I hope DS will call me that also.
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Right now, while my son is small, I want to be mama and mommy. I kind of feel like I'll be "mom" when he's older.

...so far if he deigns to call me anything it's "mamamamamaMAmamama," but usually he simply summons me with the imperious sign for milkies, or reaches to be picked up, which is all heartwarming too =)
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Well, I was Mumma until yesterday when I suddenly became Mommy. Don't know why--I think DS is just discovering new sound combinations. I'm hoping he goes back to Mumma (we spell it Momma but the o sounds more like a u up here in Maine!).
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I'm mama or mom. And when the boys wanna be irritating they call me mother (5 and almost 3 and already their a couple of smarty pants).
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Originally Posted by mirthfulmum View Post
And when the boys wanna be irritating they call me mother (5 and almost 3 and already their a couple of smarty pants).
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I used to be Mama, but now that he's the mature age of three my ds insists on using my first name. So I am Amanda. Or sometimes "Mandy".
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I'm "Mom" to both kids. DD called me "Mama" for a short time but no longer. I would love to be "Mama". Don't know why.
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Until just recently I was "mom" to DS, and "mommy" to DD, though lately, DD has started calling me "mom" more frequently. Pretty soon, I'll be just plain old mom, which is fine with me.

Oh, yeah, I've been called "The Worst Mom in the World" a couple of times by DS, too. I don't know...it just makes me laugh!!
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Mom or my real name. I would be annoyed if my kids called me mommy, it sounds so whinney to me!
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