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ds calls me mom & mommy. Any version except for "mother" feels special to me and I like seeing him play around with language.
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I call myself mama or mommy but shes still too young to call me anything yet so we will see.
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Mommy. I'm sure at some point they'll switch to Mom.
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another mama here.
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My kids call me Mommy, but sometimes my oldest calls me Mama. In India they call their moms Amma. That's what I call my MIL.
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My 6 year old calls me Mom or Mommy. We call ourselves Mommy and Daddy to our 2 month old, although Da Da Da and Ma Ma Ma are encouraged as well. And I still call my Mom Mommy even though I'm 27 years old and my younger brother pics on me for it. But I think she feels special that I still call her Mommy even though I'm an adult now. My sister who is 18 still calls her Mommy too, unless she's in front of her friends or is frustrated then it's just Mom. hehehe. I kinda hope my little girls still call me Mommy when they're older too. Because as my Mom says they'll always be your little ones no matter how old they are.

Angel Miette
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DS is 15m, so there's time yet. I call myself Mama. I prefer it, or my first name! DP tries to get ds to call me mommy, which I hate. I like Mumma as well.
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I'm mama 99% of the time, which is the title that I prefer. although DD does call me mommy, mom, mother or by my first name if the mood strikes her. In the grocery store last night, she said very loudly "Don't forget we need to get some milk, wonderful mama". The man next to me grinned and said that I must really be wonderful if that is what my daughter calls me. I swear I didn't tell her to say that!

I call my own mother ma, sometimes mom.
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Originally Posted by mama_ani View Post

I forgot... they also called "Blessed Woman Who Gave Me Life" if they really really want to suck up for something!
Funny, mine is mommy dearest giver of life.

Otherwise, I just go by Mom.
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Doesn't matter to me. He calls me mommy or mummy. But just recently he's taken to yelling "Maaa! MOM!" when I'm not paying attention.
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I prefer mama, and that's what they usually call me. Occasionally, they call me mommy. I still call my parents mommy and daddy. My sister does as well. We're 32 and 34.
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I wasn't sure,I get called all sorts of things by my 2 kids. All the usual variations, Ma, Mama, Mommy, Mom.

I just asked them what they call me and DS (4) said, "mommy" and DD (2) said, "mama".

But I also get called "hon" or "honey" sometimes or by my first name.
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Mama here. I hope that's what sticks. I don't like the cold, clinical sound of "mom". Weird, I know.

I still call my mother, "mama." Except when I say it, it sounds like "maaaaahhh muh".
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dd calls me mama or mommy...I have no preference just not natalia lol
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I'm mama. I don't like mommy (like someone else said, it sounds whiney). Most people I know are mommy. For awhile, he called other people's mothers mommy (Andrew's mommy, Emma's mommy) but now he calls them by their names (Michelle, Kelly) or mom. (That's the Pudge's mom!) I'm always annoyed by EVERYONE saying mommy to my kid even though he says "mama." Bleck. If he called me "Jessica" you wouldn't call me "Jessie," would you? Maybe.

Anyway, I assume I'll be mom some day.
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I'm a combo of Mama and Mommy. Occasionally, and probably in the future, Mom.

My mother forbade us to call her Mom. She hates the way it sounds. So we went from Mommy to Mother. I hate it... "Mother" sounds so stuffy and formal to me. I like that we can still call my dad Daddy.
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6yo ds calls me Momma. 17 mo dd calls me Mam Mam.
I prefer Momma. I don't like Mommy at all.
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I don't like being called "mother", but I'm okay with the rest of them.

I usually use "mommy", myself. But, ds1 now calls me "mom", because "mommy" is just wrong when you're 14. DD has decided that I'm "mama", and I really love it.
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I'm "Mummy". But as my kids become more Amercanized (i.e. go to public school) the pronunciation is starting to lean toward Mommy a little more.

My mother is "Mum" to me.
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