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My younger girls call me mommy, or mama the older two call me mother when they are in a bad mood but mostly its mommy.
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I prefer mommy or mama but lately I have been called MAW which is terrible but soooo funny!
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i'm mama most of the time around here. i prefer it. sometimes i'm mom. just don't mommy me!
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I like mama, and that's what he calls me 98% of the time. Occasionally when he's talking to his friends who call their mothers "mom" he'll say "I'll go ask my mom" ... which sounds so weird to me. He's conforming ..
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I prefer Mama. For a short time James was calling me Mommy and I didn't care for it, personally. 99% of the time I'm Mama.

DH is Mom-Dee or Daddy.
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I don't have any preference.
A calls me Ma-MAA (accent on the second syllable like all her words).

S calls me mamamamamamama
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I prefer mama, but don't really care. The only thing I don't like is ma.

DH is usually daddy. I think as the kids get older, we'll switch to dad, but for now, daddy is ok. I had a roommate in college, she still called her dad daddy and honestly, it freaked me out a little.
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We have always been Da-dio and Ma-mio ("daddy oh" and "mommy oh")
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Mommy times three equals :
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I prefer "Mama" to anything else. My children always called me "Mama." Then suddenly my 19 month old has started calling me "Mommy" with a drawn out ending. At first it grated on my nerves because I really am not used to being called that from her. I'm getting used to it now. But if my other kids started saying it, it would still feel weird.
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I don't like the long "o" sound of Mom and Mommy. It's very American (and that's not why I don't like it!) and even though I live close to the US I still find it sounds.....whiny...? I dunno. I just like the softness of the sound "mum".

Here, I suppose because of our strong british influence, most people use Mum.

I'm Mama to my kids, but as they get older they'll likely switch to Mum. They hear me call grandma that.
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Mommy. Though sometimes they call me Mama (or is that spelled momma?)

I would love to be called Mum but that would seem awkward with our Southern US accent.

A side note - I have always wanted my children to call their father Papa. When the mister and I started dating his dad was a Papa to his grandkids. I didn't think anything of it since I didn't know if I was going to be with the mister. But I did. I still feel sad about my children calling their dad Daddy and not Papa. I never said anything because I thought it was weird. And when I did say something after the second child the mister said I should have said something sooner and we could have called him Papa and that the kids would know the difference.

And I am ashamed to admit that it makes me angry that they "took" my child's father's name away. : Yeah, I know irrational.
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I'm usually Mommy, but sometimes Mama. I don't really have much of a preference.
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DS calls me Nicole which is what I prefer to be called so it all works out fine.
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Originally Posted by Needle in the Hay View Post
I'm Mumma usually, Maman if he's speaking French.
I will never be "Mom" because that's what he calls my mom. He decided that when he was 2. Also Mommy doesn't work here as it's pronounced the same as Mamie (grandma). I could never be "Mother"

eta: the only time I called my mom "mother" when I was growing up was when I had a bone to pick.
I am called Mommy but with the accent on the EE part, so MommEE, which sounds a lot like Mamie in French, which would be problematic if DH's (French) mother were still alive or if we were still living in France. For now, it is fine.

When talking to DH (who is French), DD refers to me as maman.
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I prefer mom or momma ... baby doesnt call me anything yet but my oldest calls me marma, commie mommy, or smother though. LOL
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My 15yr old calls me mom or mommy when she wants something My 3yr old calls me mummum
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Originally Posted by embers View Post
We have always been Da-dio and Ma-mio ("daddy oh" and "mommy oh")
Our son came up with Da-dee-ta for Dh
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I call myself 'mummy' when I'm talking to DS, as he's not talking yet, but I don't mind if he calls me when 'mum' when he's older.
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I'm Mama (which I love), but in recent months ds suddenly started calling me Muffin.
I love that even more LOL
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