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Argh!! Minor diaper rash in 3 week old

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My baby seems to have a tiny bit of diaper rash Just an insy winsy bit. The last thing I want to deal with is all the ppl who tell me they stopped / didn't CD coz of diaper rash : Not to mention, I don't want my little girl to suffer either.

Problem is I can't hot wash her diapers as we only have a small hot water tank & it takes forever to reheat. Like 8 hours plus forever. I've been soaking her dirty diapers overnight in hot water & a natural diaper sterilising powder. THe weather's not been the best so I only get them out in the sun about half the time. The rest they end up in the dryer. Should I be adding vinegar when I wash them ? If so, how much ? Any other suggestions ? Tea tree oil in the wash maybe ?
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I would suggest(if you think it might be yeast) washing them and then boiling them on the stove(b/c of the hot water issues) But my dd had a mild rash the first few weeks after she was born, probably the acidityof her urine, but it cleared up easily
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did you change laundry soaps?

using a new type of fabric for diapers?

and, Are you sure you have all the soap out of the diapers, My washed does not get it all out when I use cold. you can check by looking in the washer just before it "spins" if there is bubbles you may need to wash more. also smell it when it comes out..

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What is it about newborns and that rash I dont know about stipping diapers but when ella was born she got one helluva rash and creams and such just seemed to make it worse (until she got a little older, then i used aquaphor). So i would squirt breast milk on her rash and pat it in and let her "sun" bare butt in front of the window.
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It could just be a 'natural' rash as your baby is flushing toxins. Kenny got this at 3 weeks as well - about the same time that the little pimples on his face started coming up. Those were NOT milia! We were washing in hot water and rinsing a good amount and ALL THAT, but still . . . a rash.

I gave him plenty of 'air' time and did not use a barrier ointment so that whatever was being flushed out could get out and the skin could breathe to heal itself. Cleared up in about 4 or 5 days.

:rollleyes: And then 2 weeks later he had yeasties :
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oo-another use for breastmilk!!!

never thought of that one...but yes on a rash should work wonders!!!
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