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If at first you dont succeed

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YESSSSS!!!!!!:LOL :LOL :LOL I have made Peace with the snappi......yesssssssssssss!!!! today i got it to work for me all day(since i have nothing except prefolds right now) i had to manage...it was hard but by 10pm today i was the snappi and bikini twist GOD!!! No longer are my sons genitals hanging from the side....Everything is packed up and ready to go.... now if i can only get that twist wo work with a doubler and make it snappi into place : my mission will never end....
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so now you can be DDDDC'd "At Peace with the Snappi" :LOL :LOL
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I am sure you will find away to get it to work with a doubler
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I saw the subject and was hoping it was a resolution to the snappi nightmare for you!!
It is a lovable little gizmo once you get the hang of it huh?

How about try an easier fold now?
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DDDDC - 'son's genitals . . . packed and ready to go.' :LOL

Oh, I had a good morning laugh over this one! :LOL
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I feel the T his genitals are still stuffed in the CPF....: Now on the pursuing using a CPF with the doubler...
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That is wonderful!

I love my snappi's! I have only had them for a few days, but so far so good
It is super trim and very cool!
Good for you, lilya! I could have never learned how to use one without a demonstration, thanks Heather. My sons genitails thank you LOL
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I needed to read this today

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Mayor Blowout today.....and yes my dear MAMA friedn was right.....Catching the poop in a bikini twist is the way to go!!!! Have you noticed since i learned to do this yesterday i havent used fitteds....
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