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Wahms- How much does changing something..

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about your design bug you? Like when someone asks for a lower rise, more snaps, different dimensions for their baby. Does this offend you? How much change is too much before you feel its not your normal product?
Why I am posting..I read the size charts and the rise is always higher than I usually like or the waist measurements will have my dd in an inbetween state where more snaps on the larger size would make it fit great..things like that. Is it rude of me or anyone to ask for slight changes given of course that they are open for custom work? Basically unless I tweak a pattern which I have done with HB or specify things fitted diapers don't fit Sophie well right now.
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I know I don't mind and most of the wahm's I talk with don't mind.

That's one of the fun thngs in this business, actually making something that not only makes me happy but also the user happy
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i dont think its a huge thing... but i guess it depends on the request.. kwim? like i could change the snap configuration on the diapers but i could change the rise, crotch width, waist, stuf flike that...
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Like most things, it's all in how you ask, I think. You can be gracious about it, or rude about it. Personally, I don't mind special requests. Keeps things interesting, lol.
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The only thing I can see making a difference is that many WAHMs cut out in bulk, not individual diapers and some cut out ahead of time so when they come to sew a custom order they can grab ready cut pieces to sew... changing something like the snaps is probably much less of a deal than cutting a diaper out specially with a different shape.
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I don't have a problem with minor modifications. I have adjusted the rise and added snaps for customers, that isn't a big deal. I am more hesitant to make a radical change to my basic pattern, because it has not been tested, and I won't know how it will perform. But most of the WHAM's I know will add snaps and such with no problem.
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I would usually have no problems with

adjusting the rise or adding snaps or making waists or thighs snugger or looser. But I also think they need to be labeled as custom so that when another person gets it used that they know. I had an irate customer once that blew off onboards because she got a used custom cover that was made for a VERY chunky baby but she was not told and she was a frequent buyer from me so she knew how MY sizing ran and this diaper was huge on her child. It was not disclosed by the seller which probably did not think about it. So I would say IF you have things super customized then as a WAHM they should add something to the label to distinguish it.

I need more
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I don't mind making changes at all, but I might be in a different position that other wahms, who probably do cut in bulk. Since I'm starting each soaker from scratch, I can do rise, waist, thigh, or what have you changes easily.
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It doesnt bother me at all! It will take things like that to help my diapers improve! Although my son wears them & I can find any problems out quickly! lol
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I don't really post here, only once! LOL, but most of my stuff I do is custom. When someone asks me to do something special, I love it!
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I agre with everyone else. we have no problem making adjustments to our stuff. Also we cut as we go so itsno big deal to us. Doing custom work is funm.
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